Open Enrollment Programs

ESMT Open Enrollment Programs cover a wide range of topics.

They offer high-impact learning in a short time frame. Latest thinking, practice-oriented concepts and tools, experiential methods that foster self-discovery are all part of the classroom experience. Participants are able to translate what they have learned into action as soon as they return to their companies. Open Enrollment Programs include:

Vertical Tabs

General Management

General Management

Executive Transition Program (ETP)

The Executive Transition Program is a modular six-week program designed for experienced functional managers who have recently moved, or are about to move, into positions with general management responsibility.

Strategy and Marketing

Strategy and Marketing

Bringing Technology to Market (BTM)

Bringing Technology to Market is a B2B marketing program that offers leading-edge insights for profitable revenue generation on global B2B markets. Each program module will be run in one of three major business areas of the United States, China, and Europe.


Strategic Market Management (SMM)

- formerly Strategy in Practice -

Strategic Market Management (SMM) is a marketing and strategy seminar. It offers an in-depth look into the latest advances in corporate and business strategy.


Managing Errors and Crises (CRIS)

Managing Errors and Crises (CRIS) is a strategy and leadership seminar, that will draw on experiences to illustrate ways of managing both errors and crises proactively in complex organizations.


Modern Sales Management (MSM)

In our seminar Modern Sales Management (MSM), participants will consider the top challenges that confront today’s successful companies in the area of sales management. They will learn how to attract customers in competitive markets and discover how to navigate tough business requirements and win highly desirable contracts. Seasoned academics, business professionals, and fellow participants will explore how to leverage customer relationship management for sales leads that “click” and “stick” with sustainable customer loyalty. Analyzing the latest research, we will determine whether customer satisfaction drives greater loyalty, and whether that loyalty translates into business success.

Leadership and HR

Leadership and HR

Leading People and Teams (LPT)

Leading People and Teams is a leadership seminar dealing with the “why” and “how” of behavior in organizations. Unlike many other programs, it goes beyond the obvious, conscious, and rational side of human function, adding the opportunity to explore productive–and destructive–drives that individuals subconsciously follow in organizations.


Leading with Psychological Intelligence (LPI)

Leading with Psychological Intelligence is a leadership program that enhances leadership efficacy through better connections with subordinates, peers, and superiors.


Young Leaders Program (YLP)

Young Leaders is an introduction to the reality, the context, and the personal aspects of leading. Participants will first reflect on the contextual aspect of their roles, relating them to corporate and departmental strategies. Additional they will reflect on teams they lead, co-operations and coalitions within and outside organizational boundaries.


Understanding and Leading Change (ULC)

Understanding and Leading Change prepares participants to meet the challenges that come with initiating and implementing change. Participants will examine change processes and the psychological, political, and organizational challenges they induce.


Leadership in Action (LIA)

This new leadership program is set up as a learning laboratory. For the three days participants are put into action - without PowerPoint presentations, or case studies, or best-practice examples. Each day they are faced with new challenges shifting them to the boundaries of their comfort zone to fully experience themselves and others as leaders and collaborators.




Finance for the Non-Finance Executive (FIN)

This innovative, action-oriented, hands-on program is designed for non-financial managers. The participants will learn how accounting and financial processes work, and how to interpret the powerful messages that can emerge from the numbers. The program focuses on identifying and removing financial management roadblocks and helps establish a sustainable program of financial discipline and awareness.

Information Technology

Information Technology

IT Leadership Program

The IT Leadership Program (ITL) provides the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to be a successful and dynamic IT leader. The underpinning philosophy of this program is that chief information officers (CIO) and IT Directors are first and foremost business leaders, albeit with special responsibilities for IT.


Driving Business Value from IT Investments

The program Driving Business Value from IT Investments (ITI) provides guidance on how to shift thinking to optimize value from IT investment portfolios. Drawing from more than 20 years of research on how organizations improve the returns on the investments they make in IT, this program will present a comprehensive approach together with a toolkit that shows how to identify, plan, and manage the delivery of benefits from IT investments.


Negotiations and contract management

Negotiations and contract management

Decision Making (DMA)

Decision Making is a program that merges practical experience with up-to-date theoretical concepts. In addition to discussing case studies and participating in individual and group exercises, participants will explore and tackle common decision-making challenges.


Mastering Negotiations (NEGa)

Mastering Negotiations is a program for professionals who frequently conduct critical negotiations. Mastering Negotiations helps executives improve their conceptual understanding of the negotiation process with an intellectual framework to organize these interactions.


Mastering Yourself as a Negotiator (NEGb)

Mastering Yourself as a Negotiator is a powerful, transformative seminar. Participants will be presented with tough, role-based negotiation scenarios. They will learn to be an acute self-observer and will return to real negotiation tables with a deeper understanding of how specific behaviors evoke certain responses from negotiation partners.


Contract Management in International Projects (CMI)

Contract Management in International Projects is a contract management seminar. It shows managers how to bring their profit margins under control. The lessons learned from the mistakes of others have been converted into viable processes that serve as the keys to successful project management.