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Alumni Network Fellowship

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We are now collecting for the fifth Alumni Network Fellowship!  

Why donate?

ESMT Berlin alumni strengthen the school in many ways. With the Alumni Network Fellowship, they support diversity and give back to future students.

The fellowship provides full tuition and fees to qualified MBA and EMBA candidates from the non-profit sector that plan to return to the field after graduation. Every donation is matched by the school.

Your support

  • Helps a high-potential candidate boost his or her career with an ESMT graduate degree.
  • Promotes the ESMT brand by attracting diverse talent and enriching school perspectives.
  • Reinforces ESMT values by helping educate leaders who are committed to sustainable, ethical business practices, and who aim to make a lasting contribution to society.
  • Is tax-deductible under German law. If you are not located in Germany you may still be able to realize tax benefits. We recommend you check with a local tax professional for details.

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Harsh teaser video

NDTV Youth For India featuring Harsh Tiwari

Speaking on the work of his organization. 

Prisma Edgar Alfaro

Fernando Lamas is the CEO of Prisma

A more inclusive society for all.

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to our donors for their support and commitment to ESMT!

👍 85 donors. ESMT is expressing its gratitude.

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01. October 2017

💬Fourth Alumni Network Fellowship awarded

The fourth Alumni Network Fellowship is awarded to Marina Mansilla Hermann, a Senior Change Manager at Ashoka Innovators for the Public, and the President and Founder of Fundacion TierraVida. She joins the EMBA class of 2017-2019. 

01. January 2017

💬Third Alumni Network Fellowship awarded

The third Alumni Network Fellowship is awarded to Harsh Tiwari, an SBI Youth for India Fellow. He joins the full-time MBA class of 2017.

01. October 2016

💬Second Alumni Network Fellowship awarded

The second Alumni Network fellowship is awarded to Angel Lamas Neciosup of the Peruvian NGO PRISMA. He joins the EMBA class of 2016-2018.

01. October 2012

💬First Alumni Network Fellowship awarded

The first Alumni Network Fellowship is awarded to Christian Katzer of Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. He joins the EMBA class of 2012-2014.

24. January 2012

💬ESMT alumni initiate scholarship in the non-profit sector

Read the press release on the establishment of the Fellowship here.