This is a photo of Christoph Burger, ESMT Berlin.

Christoph Burger

New business model: How the delivery of electricity services is likely to evolve in Saudi Arabia?

12/10/17: KAPSARC-SEC workshop - Electricity Reform and Technological Disruption: What Options for Saudi Arabia, KAPSARC and SEC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

What are the regulatory and/or policy obstacles that business would need to have addressed to profitably, fairly and sustainably provide access to energy

11/17/17: 'Business and the Human Prospect' - Energy Futures Workshop, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland


09/07/17: Bertelsmann University - Finance Summit 2017, Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, Berlin, Germany

Blockchain: A Transaction Technology for Smart Contracts

05/29/17: 10th OMIE International Workshop Tackling disruptive trends in power markets, OMIE, Madrid, Spain

Chancen und Risiken von blockchain

05/18/17: Praxisforum Energie 2017, Kisters AG, Bad Neuenahr, Germany

Blockchain in the energy transition

05/10/17: Digital Utilities Europe 2017, Active Communications Europe Ltd (ACI), London, UK

Blockchain und Energie - Chancen und Herausforderungen

03/09/17: Customer Care Center Management in der Energiewirtschaft, User Group, Leipzig, Germany

Geschäftsfelder zum Einsatz der Blockchain im Energiebereich

03/01/17: 'Blockchain - neue Möglichkeiten für den Energiemarkt', Deutsche Energie-Agentur, Berlin, Germany

Blockchain - The data perspective

  • 02/20/17: Great Next Meetup: blockchain in the energy transition and more ft. GreenBuzz, Deutsche Energie-Agentur, Berlin, Germany
  • 02/14/17: Global Summit on Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector, Event Horizon, Vienna, Austria

Blockchain in der Energiewende

01/27/17: Blockchain-Tag für die Energiewelt 2017, Solarpraxis Neue Energiewelt AG, Berlin, Germany

Chancen und Herausforderungen von Blockchain für die Energiewende

11/22/16: dena-Kongress 2016, Deutsche Energie Agentur, Berlin, Germany

The German Energiewende: Digital challenges and value creation for the customer

11/08/16: Detailmarkedsforum,, Fredericia, Denmark

Can blockchains boost the transformation of the European energy system?

10/05/16: Digitalisation of the energy industry: Will blockchain be the booster?, KIC InnoEnergy, Berlin, Germany

Blockchain als Treiber der Energiewende

09/08/16: Plattform Digitale Energiewelt: 1. Sitzung der Arbeitsgruppe 2, Deutsche Energy-Agentur, Berlin, Germany

Energiewende - insights from Germany on changing energy markets

06/30/16: Eco Summit, Forum GG2: Eco-civilization & green growth, BIT Group Global Ltd, Seoul, South Korea

Non-energy companies in the power market

05/31/16: The utility of the future: Preparing for a changing energy sector, OMIE, Madrid, Spain

Digitalisierung, Dezentralisierung, Blockchain: Auswirkungen auf den Energiemarkt

05/23/16: Blockchain-Tag für die Energiewelt 2016, Solarpraxis Neue Energiewelt AG, Berlin, Germany

Digital utilities: Insights from German Energiewende

05/12/16: Digital utilities Europe 2016, Active Communications International, London, UK

Power self-generation and self-consumption: Insights from the German Energiewende

02/03/16: Power self-generation and self-consumption, Club Español de la Energía, Madrid, Spain

European utilities: Strategic choices and cultural prerequisites for the future

09/16/15: Tomorrow’s utilities: What future, or will there be a future?, Cornwall Energy, London, UK

Innovationsindex für die Energiewirtschaft

06/29/15: „Intelligente Stromnetze“: Durch Energieinnovationen Chancen für Österreich eröffnen, Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie and E-Control, Vienna, Austria

How far and how fast will changes occur?

04/28/15: The future of the electricity utilities project: European stakeholder meeting, Chatham House, London, UK

Country Profile: Energiewende – Insights from Germany on changing energy markets

04/10/15: The forum 2100: Innovation in business and energy for the new millennium, EPFL, College of Management of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland

Decentralized Energy in Europe Virtual Event

05/20/14: Decentralized Energy in Europe Virtual Event, PennWell Corporation, Mannheim, Germany

Near autonomous energy communities- examing the liberating and revolutionary trend in Germany

04/29/14: Platts European Power Summit, Platts, Berlin, Germany

Germany's decentralized energy revolution

04/23/14: Cornwall Energy Event, Cornwall Energy, London, UK