The NATO SPS project

CYDEF 2018 - Workshop on Cyberdefense Capacity Building in Tokyo, Japan

This NATO SPS Advanced Research Workshop, directed by Dr. Sandro Gaycken, explored requirements and options for individual and collective cyber capacity building with a focus on the special regional requirements of Japan and neighboring countries.

The event brought together international key experts in strategic and technical cyberdefense to discuss and narrow down the options and to assist in establishing a military cyber stability in the region. It aimed for enhancing mutual understanding, exchange of ideas and future collaboration in the field.

Besides the Digital Society Institute, the Ministry of Defense, Japan, the Army Cyber Institute, US Army, the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellence (CCDCOE), the Economic Research Institute, the Japan Society for the promotion of Machine Industry, the Defense Structure Improvement Foundation and the Governance Architect Foundation actively supported the event.

As an overarching goal the event aimed at deepening and further expanding diplomatic relations between the collaborating countries and was considered of high value by NATO´s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.