EMBA corporate sponsorship

For HR departments: EMBA company support

Give your organization a competitive edge.

We designed the ESMT Executive MBA program for high-potential employees who have a long-term commitment to their companies and industries. Most of ESMT's Executive MBA candidates partner with their employers to complete the program with long-term growth in mind.

Through the ESMT EMBA, candidates acquire the skills necessary to lead an organization into strategic excellence and continual change.

Supporting your top talent in an Executive MBA degree can yield a direct return on investment to your organization:

  • Give your top-performing individuals increased loyalty to your organization – invest in them and they invest in you at the same time.
  • Through ESMT’s unique Applied Fieldwork, EMBA candidates develop a significant strategic project that continually impresses upper management and leads to exceptional growth. It is one of the reasons why the ESMT EMBA program ranked #1 in the world for career progress for six consecutive years.
  • Give top talent the knowledge and skill boost they need for success. We specialize in training candidates with industrial experience and give your future leaders the financial, strategic, and international experience they need to be the driving force in your industry.