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ESMT collaborates with recruiters and corporate partners interested in finding new talent. Our Master's in Management (MIM) program gathers students with diverse and international backgrounds who would like an interdisciplinary degree in business management. The coursework in the MIM program is meant to compliment a student's previous studies, bridging gaps in management and business when applied to problems facing todays leading industries.

There are many ways to interact with the ESMT MIM program.

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ESMT Master's in Management students can complete two internships in companies during their program:

1. First-year internship (mandatory): from April to October each year. Students begin this internship after they have completed the business core in the MIM program. Students are also trained in foreign languages, project management, and soft skills before beginning this internship for up to six months.

2. Master's Thesis internship (optional): from March to July each year. Students have completed their first internship, chosen a specialization, and received further project management and soft skills training. MIM candidates have the optioin to write a thesis (which should be related to their specialization) during their time in this internship, which is optional.

To begin a dialog about hosting a MIM candidate in your company, please contact Dorota Zabdyr.

To see a list of companies already participating in ESMT's internship program, please visit this page.

On-campus recruitment

On-campus recruitment

ESMT hosts recruitment events on campus for MIM candidates.

Companies who would like to conduct interviews with students before choosing interns are also welcome on campus for interview sessions organized by ESMT staff.

Social impact project

Social impact project

ESMT Master's in Management students will complete a two-month consulting project in teams with an NGO, nonprofit, social entrepreneurial venture, or CSR project. The projects can be in Germany or abroad, and are meant to practice applied management and teamwork skills while serving the community.

If you would like to know more information about hosting a MIM student team for a social impact project, please contact Dorota Zabdyr.