EMBA program

The ESMT EMBA: four themes

The ESMT EMBA gives leaders the tools to make effective decisions.

At ESMT, Executive MBA participants learn from international faculty inspired by the latest research in global business. The EMBA classroom learning is a highly interactive and experiential environment. Through case studies, group exercises, and business simulations, our high-impact learning approach challenges EMBA students to translate modern management concepts into action.

Four clear themes run through the ESMT EMBA experience. Together, they create a collaborative learning environment that allows high-potential managers to develop as leaders in global organizations.

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EMBA program strengths

EMBA program strengths

Balance your development as a senior executive with your professional responsibilities. One- or two-week modules every two months let you directly apply your new skills while at your company. Business-focused course assignments and ESMT’s applied project and thesis structure allow you to bring back new knowledge to your organization, enhancing your visibility, your team leadership effectiveness and your internal network.

Some highlights are:

  • Core management skills: In the first half of the ESMT EMBA, participants learn the tools necessary to run a successful business or business unit.
  • Applied fieldwork developed in consultation with an ESMT faculty member, allowing you to forge new networks, apply academic study to a business case at your organization, and create additional value in your organization using your own initiative.


Innovation and technology management

Innovation and technology management

Business principles are applied directly to new, innovative case studies from a variety of technology sectors ranging from aviation to computer hardware. Our leading researchers teach participants how new, innovative products and businesses are developed and marketed.

A series of electives highlight every step of innovating and launching new technology. Past courses include Bringing Technology to Market and Organizing for Innovation and Leadership in Innovation-driven Companies. Multiple core courses also focus on managing technology and innovation.

International management

International management

Intercultural immersion and development form part of every module in the ESMT EMBA. Two international modules allow you to experience other business and societal cultures first-hand. ESMT's research and teaching has a strong focus on emerging economies, in particular on BRIC countries.

  • The International Academic Module: allows for the study of strategic management and entrepreneurship while visiting partner academic institutions. Previous EMBA classes have visited partners in Moscow and Istanbul. ESMT is working to extend this to provide exchange opportunities with schools across the Global Network for Advanced Management.
  • Electives: allow you to specialize in International Management, Technology and Innovation, or Managing Business Integrity. Former courses include International Financial Markets, Managing International Teams, and Doing Business Where Institutions Fail.
  • International Field Seminar: consists of two weeks interacting with senior business leaders, networking, and reflecting on global business development in a country of strategic significance. Previous countries visited include Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Malaysia and Vietnam.
Business Integrity Management

Business Integrity Management

The daily challenges of managing across borders are innumerable and the task of keeping company assets secure has risen to the forefront of strategic planning. With this in mind, a cooperation was forged between Ernst & Young and ESMT to allow for a unique focus on integrity management, compliance, corporate governance and forensics.

Ernst & Young, experts on white-collar crime, compliance, corporate governance, and business integrity share their knowledge and experience during this track of the EMBA program. You will examine the investigation of fraud and corruption using forensic and criminological techniques, with support from the Ernst & Young, Department of Fraud Investigation & dispute Services (FIDS).

Strengths of the track are:

  • Strategic compliance management
  • Targeted control mechanisms
  • Incentive systems aligned with business ethics and integrity
Responsible leadership training

Responsible leadership training

ESMT’s mission is to develop responsible leaders who care about individuals, and our sustainability goals are integrated into every EMBA course. You will learn to integrate financial sustainability in finance courses and explore how to increase profit while benefiting society as a whole in strategy courses. The triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit) is emphasized throughout the program.

  • 360-degree feedback sessions with trained team coaches. Give and receive feedback from your teammates in a collegial environment. Build your own self-awareness assess your skills, gaps, and develop your interpersonal communications and leadership style for your future leadership position.
  • Your Individual Leadership and Development Itinerary program, a personalized series of workshops, feedback sessions, and seminars throughout the program that allow you to reflect on your transition, strengths, and weaknesses.