MBA Student Professional Profiles

As one of Europe's top MBA programs, the intensive one year MBA program at ESMT equips graduates with a multidisciplinary business education, an entrepreneurial perspective, and unparalleled opportunities for self-improvement. Our diverse and talented full-time MBA class comes from a variety of professional backgrounds from over 35 countries. After graduating in December, these well-rounded leaders can help fulfill your talent acquisition needs and make a lasting impact in your organization.


Below, you can review the individual professional profiles of selected students of the class of 2017, graduating in December 2017. To view all profiles, you can request a copy of the MBA 2017 CV Book from ESMT’s Head of Career Services - Marcel Kalis



Elena Aleynikova

IT Product & Project Manager 

Azer Aliyev

IT Product & Project Manager | Certified Scrum Master (CSM) 

Akash Anand

IT Product & Project Manager | PMP® | CSM®

Hillary Batchelder

Hillary Batchelder

Digital business development

Sumanyu Bhatnagar

IT Product/Project Manager | Certified Scrum Master©

Francesco Crivellaro

Project Manager – Engineering, R&D | Scrum Product Owner

Manuel de León

Corporate Strategy Manager | Financial & Strategic Planning, Innovation Management

Daniel de Moura

Corporate Finance | Project Management | Advisory

Isabella Della Santina

Architect - Yacht Designer | Scrum Product Owner

Orlando Galan

Finance professional with experience in strategic investment analysis

Carlos Isava

Supply Chain Master

Arinjay Jain

Business Development | Project & Vendor Management| Energy Industry Experience

Siddharth Karthikeyan

Finance, Operations & Strategy

Zenko Kawabata

Kaizen, Innovation, and Qualität

Giorgia Lancia

Business Development, B2B Marketing and Sales, Scrum Master

Svetlana Lanets

Business Development and Account Manager in Financial industry, Certified Scrum Master

Roy Macaraig

Senior Project Manager | SAP, Business Transformation, Agile, Finance Technology, PMO

Joshua Masiko

International Procurement and Operations professional

Sebastián Mayandía

Agile and proactive engineer and entrepreneur

Fazal Mirza

In love with Technology

Jean-Luc Bassilekin Ndomilep

Enthusiastic Profesional of Presales activities and IT Project Management

Alexandre Oshiro

Procurement and product development in manufacturing industry

Liubov Peregorodieva

Credit and Project Business Analyst

Kateryna Poliakova

Passionate about Business Development and innovations management.

Pamela Quintana

Marketing & Strategy with Customer Focus

Lisandre Ramos

Operations Management, Digital Health and Pharmaceutical Industry

Rajeev Ranjan

Program & Product Manager I Product Development I Automotive & Defence Industry

Julian Sanchez

Technology Project and Product Management

Narine Terzyan

Financial Inclusion Professional | International Development Enthusiast

Gustavo Vaz

Senior Management Consultant | Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Teresa Villanova

Law & People Specialist

Bo Xu

Corporate Development | U.S. National

Yuri Yevsihin

Business Strategy & Development | Finance & Banking | Digital & E-commerce

Shau-Chau You

Director Product Management | Data Analytics, Scrum, Startups

Elene Zoninashvili

Financial and Business Analyst • Project Manager | Banking & Financial Services Industry

Flor Maria Martinez Pineda

Marketing & Sales Operations Professional

Natalia Memanishvili

Healthcare/Certified Project Manager/MD

Otto Bedoshvili

Strategic Marketer | Business Developer | Wine Connoisseur

Katja Muenzer

Government Affairs & Relationship Management