MBA strengths

The ESMT MBA: Leadership driven by excellence

The ESMT MBA focuses on leadership from a global perspective

ESMT’s personalized approach ensures that MBAs develop their leadership skills throughout the year. The course structure is designed so that strategic management concepts are integrated in each step of the program, with accompanying skills development courses designed to help you get the most out of your MBA.

At ESMT, we take a holistic approach to leadership – an MBA graduate must realign functional activities, business systems, and the strategic drive of the whole organization. We encourage our MBA candidates to develop strategic objectives which focus on actions and results.

The ESMT MBA program is dedicated to preparing you to take leadership responsibilities. We’ve identified four core principles present throughout the year at ESMT. They form the backbone of the curriculum and the MBA experience.

Vertical Tabs

Leadership and personal development

Leadership and personal development

The ESMT MBA is not only about business; here, you learn about yourself and your capabilities as well. You focus on personal soft-skills development and learn to build successful and rewarding international teams. Our small class size ensures that you constantly reflect on your experiences while receiving personalized and constructive feedback to hone your leadership skills along the way.

Some highlights are:

The Leadership Competency Development program, a year-long course that begins with intercultural team-building and ends with an MBA leadership workshop for your first post-MBA job placement.

One-on-one career coaching throughout the year – your individual way to discover how the MBA is changing you and your outlook by working with an assigned professional coach. Here, you learn to translate what is happening in the classroom to your personal situation and goals.

360-degree feedback sessions with trained team coaches. Through giving and receiving feedback, you learn how you handle stress, where your leadership capabilities and gaps are, and how you can adapt your behaviors to communicate more effectively and improve your personal impact.

An active alumni community where you can share your experiences in over 40 countries, and come back to ESMT regularly for refresher courses and reunions.

Technology management

Technology management

Business principles are applied directly to new, innovative case studies from a variety of technology sectors. Join the Entrepreneurship or Start-Up Consulting clubs to meet the innovative Berlin startup community, take unique electives on managing innovation, and visit high-tech companies, both large and small.

ESMT’s MBA Technology Track features:

A series of electives highlighting every step of innovating and launching new technology. Past courses include Innovation and Technology Strategy, Organizing for Innovation, Strategic Leadership: Innovation & Execution, and Brining Technology to Market

Connection to the ESMT Entrepreneurship Club with contacts and networks to Berlin’s vibrant high-tech startup community.

Applied fieldwork with ESMT’s corporate founders and contacts. Many past projects come from technology-driven industries like telecommunications, internet startups, renewable energy, and smart-grid design.

Sustainable and responsible leadership

Sustainable and responsible leadership

In the ESMT MBA, intercultural immersion and development is part of every module. You study business and culture firsthand in a two-week field seminar – past destinations include China, India, Mexico, Silicon Valley, South Africa and Botswana, Korea and Japan.

ESMT’s Global Sustainable Business Track includes:

Sustainable Business: The Triple Bottom Line, ESMT’s corporate social responsibility course is required of all students and taught by one of the world’s best scholars on the topic.

Electives that focus on various business models and management practices that benefit every level of society. Courses include: Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Fighting Poverty with Business, and Corporate Environmental Strategy

The Social Impact Club fosters an idea-exchange environment for new, innovative thinking about responsible business, social entrepreneurship, and service to society. International consulting projects have challenged students in the past to develop organizational plans in Haiti, Philippines, India, and Kenya.

Networking in Berlin

Networking in Berlin

Our Career Services Center organizes HR days, recruitment days, company presentations, and a series of company visits in Germany and Berlin. The CEOs and executives of our corporate founders and other global organizations meet the MBA class in closed-door MBA leadership sessions.

Networking opportunities include: Company visits to organizations like BMW, Porsche, and Zalando. MasterClasses with leading top-level executives of some of the world’s largest companies

Developing and networking with contacts through ESMT’s clubs.

Working closely with the Career Services Center to develop your own portfolio of corporate contacts.