International exposure options

ESMT’s MBA program gathers one of the world’s most diverse classes. With between 55 and 65 students from over 30 countries, students are required to work in international teams. With so many nationalities in a small classroom setting, intercultural dialog is a unique part of the ESMT MBA experience.

For students seeking further international exposure, ESMT offers a number of optional opportunities to go abroad during the program.

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Global Network for Advanced Management

Global Network for Advanced Management

ESMT is part of the Global Network for Advanced Management, a partnership between 32 business schools worldwide. Through the Network, ESMT MBA students will take part in the Global Virtual Team, a project that prepares groups to solve organizational issues with the joint cooperation of team members dispersed on every continent.

In the fall of the MBA program, students can attend Global Network Week, one-week short exchange studies at another network university from up to 13 schools offering exchanges at the same time as ESMT. Students choose from other schools in the network.

When? October 14-18, 2019

Where? In 2019 students can choose to attend classes at:

EGADE Business School (Santa Fe, Mexico)
FGV-EAESP (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Fudan University School of Management (Shanghai, China)
IE Business School (Madrid, Spain)
INCAE (Alajuela, Costa Rica)
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (Bangalore, India)
Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey)
Lagos Business School (Lagos, Nigeria)
Pontificia Universidad Católica (Santiago, Chile)
UCD Smurfit (Dublin, Ireland)
Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Economics (Jakarta, Indonesia)
UNSW Business School (Sydney, Australia)
Yale SOM (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

For more info on the Network Week and sample exchange curricula, please follow this link.

Short exchanges through the network are available at no additional tuition cost. Students should budget enough for travel and housing during the exchange. Please note that places at certain exchange partners are limited.

ESMT Responsible Leaders Fellowship (RLF)

ESMT Responsible Leaders Fellowship (RLF)

Where? Developing countries, projects available in diverse settings

When? Up to six months, February to June, post-MBA program

MBA Graduates can delay their job search for up to six months in order to complete a social impact project in a developing country. Students provide pro-bono service to organizations or institutions that creates value and social change for the community. All airfare, living stipend, and other related costs are covered by generous contributions from ESMT's Circle of Friends.

RLF pictures

Examples of past fellowships:

RLF examples

To follow our RL Fellows, please visit the ESMT Student Blog. You may also watch this webinar about the Fellowship, including testimonials of two former Responsible Leaders Fellows.

German language training

German language training

Where? Berlin

When? October to December, as part of the optional pre-MBA program, and throughout the program

For international students moving to Germany, and considering establishing their career in the country, learning German is encouraged. ESMT offers the opportunity of intensive three-month German language courses before the MBA program begins, in coordination with GLS (German Language School Berlin). Applicants planning to enroll in these language courses are encouraged to hand in their complete MBA application by July 2. Later applications may be possible after consultation with the Admissions Office. The cost of this intensive language course is € 1,500.

Students additionally have the option to take German courses throughout the year, with no additional costs.