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About the Master's in Management

A Master's degree bridging technology and applied business

MIM Key Facts

ESMT's Master's in Management is an innovative program designed with input from top German companies. The two-year degree gathers a selected group of talented individuals who can show strong analytical ability and strategic thinking in their application to the MIM. Courses emphasize how these techniques and research methods can further an organization's global goals in a business context. 

Students will complete multiple projects and internships with global companies before graduation; some of this work should be done abroad. Balanced with soft-skills and career reflection in the classroom, the program will help students become more aware individuals who can make a difference in their organizations. We invite you to learn more about the ESMT MIM below.

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Program dates

Program dates

ESMT's Master's in Management program lasts 24 months. Candidates begin their studies in September of every year.

ESMT's next MIM cohort starts in September 2018. This class will graduate in August 2020 with a M.Sc. in Management, worth 120 ECTS credits.

MIM program strengths

MIM program strengths

We've identified four core strengths that make the ESMT Master's in Management unique:

  • Corporate exposure and experience: ESMT MIM students complete up to 11 months of applied study: an internship, a social impact project, and a thesis project. ESMT has a growing corporate partnership with a variety of global companies who offer internships and projects.
  • Cutting-edge technology management: Courses integrate qualitative analysis into applied methods for global business management so that graduates can work in a fast-paced business setting and work successfully with technology-based products and services on a global scale.
  • International aptitude and social impact: At ESMT, Germany's most international business school, courses are taught by international faculty trained in the world's top institutions. Classes all have an exceptionally diverse student body. MIM candidates are going to study either German or a further foreign language. All students are encouraged to spend time abroad on projects and internships where possible.
  • Soft skills for high-growth careers: ESMT's small class sizes and applied approach ensures that students gain valuable presentation and teamwork experience. Further seminars focus on conflict management, diplomatic communication, negotiation simulations, and other skills likely to be the difference between a graduate's stagnation or promotion.
Career services

Career services

Students in the ESMT Master's in Management will benefit from a variety of networking opportunities with companies, including:

  • Internship placement: students can access to ESMT's partner and networks when applying for internships. They receive guidance throughout the application process, when finding an internship on their own.
  • Career seminars: students will gain insights into long-term career planning, briefings on corporate relations, and other valuable skill-building activities through integrated careers workshops.
  • Thesis projects: While working on their Master’s thesis, students may seek the opportunity of a second internship and carry out their research with support from practitioners. Companies offering internships may also offer thesis projects, so students can remain with their company or develop a network in two separate companies. Alternatively, particularly those who intend to pursue an academic career may opt for working on a thesis topic in close coordination with a professor’s own research agenda.
  • Recruitment and company presentations: recruiting companies visit the ESMT campus to meet students in group interviews or to conduct on-campus assessments needed for placing students in internships and permanent positions after graduation.

View the latest MIM employment statistics here.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

To be considered for the ESMT Master's in Management program, students need:

  • A previous degree (at least Bachelor's equivalent). Applications will also be accepted from final-year undergraduate students awaiting completion of their degree.
  • Proof of strong quantitative abilities to enroll in the Quantitative Business track, either through previous coursework during the bachelor's studies or a GMAT/GRE score.
  • In order to enroll in the Innovative Management track, students with a degree in any discipline and excellent grades are welcome to apply.
  • Ideally no more than 18 months of postgraduate work experience
  • Proof of English fluency (TOEFL minimum of 95 or equivalent for non-native speakers). Our code is 8707.
  • Completed application, including essays and recommendations
  • Final admissions interview via Skype
Accreditation and ranking

Accreditation and ranking

ESMT is accredited by German, European, and US accrediting bodies (triple-accredited). This ensures a high-quality educational experience and a degree with a solid reputation throughout the world.

ESMT currently holds rankings in a number of publications, including appearances in the Financial Times, The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek and Handelsblatt.

Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees

ESMT Master's in Management tuition: € 25,000 (€ 6,250 per semester)

Living costs in Berlin:

MIM students should budget enough money to pay for an apartment or room in a shared flat, public transportation, food, insurance, books, and entertainment. We recommend budgeting about € 1,000 - €1,500 a month.

Many internship and master's thesis projects will be compensated by the company employing the student. This is common practice among larger German companies, although less common in start-ups.

Financing the ESMT MIM

Financing the ESMT MIM

ESMT's Master's in Management is an excellent investment in your future. Most students fund their studies through a combination of savings, parental support and loans.

ESMT has limited scholarship funds for top applicants, based on merit.

For parents, please see our page here for more information on funding options.