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Social Impact Project

Experience consulting work with a social perspective

The Social Impact Project is a six week international project during the second year of the Master’s in Management program. It offers students the opportunity to serve as an economic or management consultant for an organization with specific social objectives, such as a non-profit organization, a CSR department, a social entrepreneurship venture, or a social impact project of a for-profit organization.

As consultants in such projects, MIM students are expected to apply the tools from courses such as Management Science, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Organizational Behavior to guide the decision making process and increase the likelihood of achieving the desired social impact.

During the project, students develop skills such as, leadership, problem-solving, and project management, which are difficult to acquire without guided practice. Unique to ESMT, MIM students are required to use these skills to benefit society as a whole, which is a cornerstone of ESMT’s mission. The Social Impact Project is therefore applied fieldwork with the goal of developing well-rounded, socially conscious graduates.

Examples of past MIM Social Impact Projects:

  • Micro-energy project in Bangladesh with SOLShare
  • Sustainable solar energy project in Madagascar
  • Assessing social innovation programs at Deloitte
  • Measuring the cost of inaction in developing countries with OECD
  • Developing a mobile app for health improvement together with Mediteo
  • Planning and launching a financial literacy program for high school students at Daimler


Project Memories