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Develop your corporate network during your master's studies

ESMT's Master's in Management program integrates two internship options into the curriculum. Both the first-year internship (mandatory) and the master's thesis internship (optional) earn credits towards the Master's in Management degree.

ESMT's professional staff works with MIM students to find the right internship placement. With guidance from ESMT, students will need to individually apply for the internship position. Most students will find their internships through a combination of ESMT's partners and open applications to companies of their choice.


Official internship partners for the Master's in Management

MIM Internship Partners

Internship examples

In 2016 students accepted positions at:

  • Boeing working in Market Research & Strategy Support
  • BOSCH working as Product Manager
  • Citi Bank working as Investment Banking & Placement Analyst
  • Daimler working as Risk Manager
  • Deutsche Bank working as Global Trade Finance Product Manager
  • KPMG working in the Deal Advisory
  • Mercedes Benz Bank working in Risk Provisioning
  • Porsche working in Business Development
  • United Nations working as Program Manager
  • Zalando working in the Analytics and Business Department

Students gain international experience by interning in Germany, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, France, South Korea and Kenya.

In 2015, students interned at:

  • Accenture working in Consulting
  • Allianz working as Assistant to the Board Member
  • Bosch working as Product Manager
  • DHL working as Coordinator in Solution Delivery and Service Management
  • E.ON working as Risk Manager
  • Gazprom working as Investment and Market Analyst
  • GE working as HR Manager
  • Rocket Internet Berlin working as Quantitative Analyst
  • SAP working as Supply Chain Manager
  • Siemens working as Financial Manager

To find out how your company can host a MIM student intern, please visit this page.