MIM 2018 program strengths

Master's in Management strengths

Career training for high-impact results

ESMT's MIM is a personalized degree for high-potential candidates with little or no previous work experience. Through a balance of coursework, internships and projects, skills development, and career planning, graduates can make a difference in global organizations from their first day on the job.

We have identified four themes running through the MIM program curriculum - all four are integrated into every step of the program, giving students valuable personal development opportunities in addition to learning from the academic coursework.

Vertical Tabs

Two tracks - tailored to your skills

Two tracks - tailored to your skills

The Master's in Management program is divided into two tracks. One track is designed for quantitative decision analysts with significant expertise in analytical methods (Quantitative Business) and one track for creative and strategic thinkers looking for a career in entrepreneurship or digital business (Innovative Management). Students select their track during the online application process.

Depending on the track, students choose one out of four specializations in the second year:

  • Business Analytics
  • Finance & Investments
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Global & Digital Strategy
Applied fieldwork

Applied fieldwork

Internships are not just optional diversions over summer holidays during ESMT's Master's in Management program. The MIM requires and integrates corporate experience into every step of the curriculum. Students complete up to 11 months of applied coursework over three phases:

  1. First-year internships (12-25 weeks): ESMT works with a growing list of partners to offer internships of up to 25 weeks (6 months) in a dynamic company during the MIM. Participants are also welcome to source their own opportunities. German students are encouraged to spend their internship abroad, in combination with their foreign language training. Companies already working with ESMT offer internships including McKinsey, Bosch, and E.ON. View our complete list here. Please note that participants must apply to the company of their choice and be selected by that company before embarking on their internship.
  2. Social impact project (six weeks): In their second year, ESMT MIM candidates will complete a social impact team project. The project lasts about six weeks, and allows students to observe how the global economy effects all levels of society differently. Projects can be either in Germany or abroad and may be sourced by ESMT or by the individual participants.
  3. Master's Thesis (three months): All MIM candidates must complete a Master's Thesis over three months at the end of the program. This is the last project in the MIM, and students usually work on a thesis topic in close coordination with a professor’s own research agenda. Students may also seek the opportunity of a second internship.
Soft skills for early stage careers

Soft skills for early stage careers

Combining management training and strategic analysis in business situations can only get you so far. High-growth career paths require sensitive acumen to work successfully with others in high-stress situations, dynamic communication and presentation skills, and self-reflection techniques that help you to work effectively within an organization.

ESMT brings its experience of running personal development workshops for top executives and high-potential professionals to the Master's in Management program, translating learning goals to students just beginning their careers. After the program, graduates will be able to function as mature, dedicated employees equipped to work in high-performing teams.

During the first year, workshops focus on presentation skills, high-performance team dynamics, intercultural business communication, and success factors in a job at home or abroad. During the second year, applied workshops focus on consulting skills, stakeholder management, and research methods. Find out more about our skills development program here.

International aptitude

International aptitude

As Germany's most international business school, intercultural skills are simply a way of life. Our 2018-20 MIM class is by far the most international and most diverse in Germany, with 92 students from 32 countries. The program emphasizes business management within a connected global market. Highlights include:

International faculty: All courses are in English, and 83% of the faculty is international. You will have classes with top-trained professors from around the world, ensuring global insights into management issues.

Foreign languages: All students study a new language during the program. For non-native German speakers, MIM candidates learn German to increase their competitiveness on the German job market, and complete internships immersed in the German corporate culture. Native German speakers choose a language needed to manage relationships in the world's fastest growing economies. Language tuition are built into the on-campus periods and included in the tuition fee. Language tuition is tailored to various levels of experience.

Social impact project: In their second year, students complete a project that benefits all members of society. Possibilities might include running English-language classes in developing countries, helping social entrepreneurial ventures, or volunteering for renewable energy projects.

Global Network for Advanced Management: This year, ESMT Berlin participated in the first annual MIM Global Network Week, in which MIM students visit other participating network business schools to delve into a relevant focus area. They participate in collaborative projects, visit local companies, network, and attend guests lectures in which they have the opportunity to learn from a broad spectrum of business leaders and scholars.

Work abroad: Students have the possibility to complete their thesis work in another country. This is especially recommended for German students.