Master's in Management professional development

Professional development & the MIM

Preparation for high-performance careers goes beyond book learning

Theoretical knowledge and a good business network might get you a job, but solid interpersonal skills get you a high-growth career. ESMT is ranked among the world's best for developing leadership seminars for top executives and high-potential professionals. Now, we are bringing that expertise to the Master's in Management program.

ESMT integrates into the MIM a series of soft skills seminars that link academic coursework, applied in-company learning, and self-reflective analysis. The result is a comprehensive personal growth program that helps students reach their full potential so that they can contribute to their organization from the first day.

In the first year, students have seminars such as:

  • Confidence and physical presence in presentations
  • Developing high-performing, intercultural teams
  • Communicating in Conflict Situations
  • Writing workshop
  • Leadership development

In their second year, students reflect on their internship experience and choose a specialization for their career and research goals. Seminars focus on leadership and project management, such as:

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Leading Projects
  • Effective and Responsible Leadership
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Meta-competencies in the workplace