MIM admissions

Master's in Management admissions

ESMT's admissions

ESMT designed the Master's in Management admissions process to find the most talented individuals who will benefit from the program's international and interdisciplinary nature.

When evaluating applications, ESMT is looking for the following qualities:

  • International outlook, intercultural competency, and a responsible approach to business
  • Potential for high-performance career growth in a global environment
  • Willingness to learn from others, collegial behavior in high-stress situations
  • Excellent analytical and quantitative abilities

MIM application deadlines and process

Admissions to the MIM program is conducted in rounds. All applications received before each deadline will receive their admissions decision a few weeks after each round. Places in the class, and scholarships, are awarded on a first-come basis, so early applications are encouraged.

Application RoundDeadlineAdmissions Decision

Round 1: Early Decision

Accepted candidates from this round will receive a € 2,000 discount on tuition

March 31April 30

Round 2:

*Deadline for applicants who require a student visa to study in Germany. More information here.++

Allianz scholarship deadline

June 6*June 30
Round 3: Final deadline for EU applicants (see note below)July 31**August 10

++Due to long visa process times, citizens of non-EU countries that require a student visa to study in Germany are strongly advised to apply by the June 6 deadline. Applications submitted after this deadline will still be considered for admission. However, ESMT can only provide minimal visa support for applications from non-EU countries submitted after June 6, and can take no responsibility for students who may not be able to start their studies due to a late application submission.

**Please note that after the July 31 deadline the available seats will be limited. However, ESMT will still receive applications on an individual basis, taking into consideration visa situations.

Classes begin on September 19, 2017.

Scholarships and financing

For top candidates, ESMT offers a variety of scholarships, including scholarship funding from Allianz and Brain Capital education funds. Candidates from Germany also have a number of financing options available. A degree from ESMT is an excellent investment in your future. Our students receive exceptional career advancement resulting in a high return on their investment.

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Admission requirements

Admission requirements

To apply, Master's in Management candidates need to have:

  • A previous degree (at least Bachelor's equivalent)
  • Proof of strong quantitative abilities, whether with a GMAT/GRE or significant mathematics courses during the bachelor's studies (see our next tab about the GMAT)

The average GMAT score is 640. ESMT’s GMAT code is 7121. We also accept GRE scores, and our Designated Institution (DI) code is 7768. 

  • Ideally no more than 18 months of postgraduate work experience
  • TOEFL scores (95 minimum) or equivalent proof of English fluency. Our code is 8707.
  • Completed application, including essays and recommendations
  • Individual interview over Skype

For an orientation of the MIM program participants profile, please view our current class statistics.

GMAT requirements: 4 Paths to the MIM

GMAT requirements: 4 Paths to the MIM

Student 1Student 2Student 3Student 4
Previous degree in an analytical/ quantitative fieldPrevious degree in an analytical/ quantitative fieldPrevious degree in any specializationPrevious degree in business studies
Top grades (graduated in the top 15% of class)Okay grades (graduated in the middle of the class)Top grades in multiple quantitative mathematics or economics courses (equivalient to 20 ECTS credits or more)Top grades, but only 6 ECTS credits in quantitative courses
Good recommendationsSolid, but not outstanding, recommendationsVery good recommendationsGood recommendations
GMAT/GRE can be waivedGMAT/GRE requiredGMAT/GRE can be waivedGMAT/GRE required

About 60% of ESMT's MIM students submitted a GMAT or GRE as part of their application. In every case, a good GMAT/GRE score helps your application to the ESMT MIM program.

Do you need to take a GMAT or GRE?

The above table might give you an idea of the answer. You are welcome to submit an application without a GMAT score, but the Admissions Office and the Admissions Committee can require you to take the GMAT at any time during the application process.

Having a good grade in only one or two mathematics courses during your bachelor's degree is not sufficient proof of quantitative abilities, and you will probably be asked to take a GMAT/GRE.

Students who receive GMAT waivers usually have:

  • Top grades (top 20% in their class) from a leading university
  • A previous degree in an analytical/quantitative subject (like finance, economics, science, technology, mathematics, engineering), including significant quantitative coursework (20 ECTS credits or more) above and beyond basic mathematics (e.g., calculus, probability theory, differential equations, engineering statics, or similar)
  • An exceptional application, including above-average recommendations, impressive international exposure, and thoughtful essays.

Students seeking a GMAT waiver can submit an application and ask for an initial review without the GMAT. At any time during the process, ESMT can ask applicants to submit a GMAT score if deemed necessary to ensure students can follow the quantitative-based management coursework for which the MIM program is designed.

Step 1: Application

Step 1: Application

You can start your online application any time.

The application is easy to follow, and will ask you for the following information:

  • Basic personal data
  • Your academic and professional background
  • Short essay questions

Additionally, you will be asked to submit the following documents with your application:

  • Your CV
  • Transcripts to all higher education institutions attended
  • Two recommendations (forms provided by ESMT)
  • GRE/GMAT and TOEFL scores, if needed

ESMT cannot begin assessing your application until all of the above documents are received.

Step 2: First screening

Step 2: First screening

When complete, the ESMT Admissions Team will review your application and all supporting documents. If successful, you will receive an invitation to complete the next application step.

Step 3: Interview

Step 3: Interview

The ESMT Admissions Office will invite you for a short interview with an ESMT administrator or professor.

All interviews for the Master's in Management program will be via Skype. Interviewers will assess your competency under pressure, your interpersonal communication skills, and any questions arising in your application.

Step 4: Admissions and Scholarship Committee

Step 4: Admissions and Scholarship Committee

After the interview, ESMT's Admissions Committee reviews your application file and makes a decision. Following the Admissions Committee decision, the Scholarship Committee meets to review applications for scholarship consideration.

Applicants receive an email with the admissions decision and scholarships award (if any) directly after these meetings. Successful applicants also receive details about the next steps to enroll in ESMT's MIM program.

To confirm attendance, admitted candidates must pay a deposit toward their tuition to the ESMT Master's in Management program.