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ESMT Berlin. Business management programs that integrate innovation.

Innovation. Technology. Sustainability. Responsibility. ESMT links them all into intensive, high-impact, and personalized degree programs that build global leaders. Our programs combine theory, practice, and the case method so that graduates can approach managing organizations at all levels.

What our business management degrees offer:

  1. Excellence. Founded in 2002, ESMT has united the most international, most prestigiously trained faculty in Germany. Our programs foster an intense learning environment that is constantly perfecting its program delivery.
  2. Innovative technology management. Germany's industries are known as one of the world's best. In all our programs, we accept a large number of students with engineering and scientific backgrounds who want the business acumen to lead global industrial organizations in designing, creating, and innovating new products.
  3. Responsible leadership. We take a global approach to business, but we emphasize that organizations are really groups of people - and each individual is important. We train leaders to remember the individual impact their decisions will have.
  4. Personal learning curve. ESMT knows that each student is different, and we have small, personal class sizes to ensure the students make the most of their education. We offer one-on-one counseling, 360-degree feedback sessions, and personal growth workshops throughout the program. Graduates from ESMT are not just better managers, they are better team players and more insightful leaders.

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ESMT Berlin. The business school founded by business.

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