Photos of ESMT Berlin

Campus tour and photos

The campus of ESMT Berlin is located in the historic Staatsratsgebäude, the former East German State Council in the heart of Berlin.

It officially opened in 2006 after modernization and restoration and it now offers cutting-edge research and learning facilities for students, managers, business leaders, and policy makers. The campus is also the location of renowned events and conferences, such as ESMT Annual Forum and ESMT Open Lectures.

Some impressions of the life on campus:

ESMT Berlin is virtually everywhere.

Explore the campus, classes and city using your mobile device and virtual reality. Visit YouTube to see ESMT in 360°—get an overview of our business school, attend an MBA class, meet our faculty, and more.

ESMT in 360-degree videos

Playlist: 360-degree videos that are used for the ESMT virtual reality experience

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