Life in Berlin

Your studies in Berlin

A business degree in any other city won’t be the same.

ESMT brings Berlin, Europe’s most pulsating capital, to your fingertips. The campus is in the center of the city, with direct access to every neighborhood. Europe’s most vibrant capital is a center for entrepreneurship, design, cutting-edge architecture, famous nightlife, and unparalleled opportunities for both high-brow and alternative culture. From currywurst street vendors to top restaurants, your appetite will be satiated in Berlin.

After living in Berlin, students repeatedly say that the city was a highlight of their experience. Its international culture welcomes all nationalities. Multiple festivals and celebrations of world culture pop up throughout the year. Apartments and expenses are low – it is one of the cheapest European capital cities. According to this website, it is almost one-third cheaper to live here than in Paris.

How much does it cost to live in Berlin?

This is a personal question, and it depends on your expectations for accommodation desires and food needs. On average, we find that students need €1,000 to €1,500 per month to live in Berlin. Students opting for a room in a shared flat may have expenses below this estimate.

Here are some facts about Berlin that we love.