Digital Initiative at ESMT Berlin

About the Digital Initiative

Information technology is one of the biggest disruptive forces confronting organizations and leaders today, in the private and public sectors alike. Its advances are transformative. Many businesses today are digitally driven businesses. Others soon will be.

ESMT Berlin is a research-based international business school with close connections to business. The school is mission-driven: "ESMT develops entrepreneurial leaders who think globally, act responsibly, and respect the individual. With a heritage rooted in European values and the potential of technology, ESMT develops and imparts new knowledge to foster sustainable economic growth."

While the digital initiative is already an integral part of ESMT’s everyday performance, digital innovation will also shape the school’s future.

Digital business and strategy

Digitalization is transforming the nature of our relationships, whether personal or political, local or global. While driving innovation and opportunity, it is also challenging business management strategies. ESMT Berlin prepares leaders to understand, manage, and leverage digitalization.

Big data analytics

Immense data flows of business transactions, social media, customer support, and more—so called big data—can contribute to business intelligence. ESMT Berlin teaches tomorrow’s leaders to harvest and harness big data for organizational success.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Digitalization has transformed business processes, accelerated product and service development cycles, and disrupted traditional revenue models worldwide. ESMT Berlin helps students build the entrepreneurial mindsets, skillsets, and relationships invaluable to developing innovative and effective solutions to today's problems.

Cybersecurity and privacy

Data breaches have undermined consumer confidence, institutional efficiency, organizational resource management, and national and international security goals. ESMT Berlin prepares students for work on issues of cybersecurity, emphasizing interdisciplinary knowledge-sharing, strategies, and socially responsible perspectives.

Activities and events

ESMT Berlin regularly convenes and hosts engaging activities on digitalization topics. We proudly focus on the intersection of digital innovation with socially responsible and sustainable economic growth.