Data analytics

Big Data Analytics

The amount of data organizations both create and have access to is growing exponentially as new forms of data join conventional transactional data.

Social media activity, forums and blogs, mobile devices, drones, video, and internet-enabled devices—this deluge of “big data” offers organizations an unprecedented chance to understand their customers, operations, employees, competitors, and ecosystem dynamics like never before. By capturing and analyzing big data for insight, organizations can create new customer value propositions, improve operations, optimize the performance of supply chain and distribution channels, and drive growth.

Yet, making sense of big data has proved to be elusive. Leadership teams must look beyond creating data lakes, simply purchasing analytical and visualization tools, or hiring data scientists if they are to unlock the potential of data. They must instead create organizational cultures where data is at the heart of decision making.

Our faculty expertise in statistics, data science, and model building—together with our well-founded understanding of decision-making processes and managerial biases—positions us to help both organizations and individuals.

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