Cybersecurity and Privacy | Executive Development Programs

Cybersecurity and Privacy | Executive Development Programs

Insecurity, risk, and threat—cybersecurity issues are critical challenges for business leadership today.

These demand that leaders learn systematic and strategic responses to a range of security and privacy vulnerabilities. It also requires broad knowledge of and readiness for the diverse options, limits, and conditions of cybersecurity management—whether in government or industry.

Cybersecurity and Privacy programs at ESMT Berlin incorporate the latest teaching methods, which integrate lectures, case discussions, simulations, action-based learning, creative interventions, group work, and discussions with ESMT faculty. Since peer-to-peer dialogue is an integral part of our high-impact learning process, participants with similar experiences and interests are selected for each program to ensure maximum group synergies and exchange.

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<Strategic Corporate and Industrial Cybersecurity>

Strategic Corporate and Industrial Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a threat to every business. Nowadays, hackers entertain a broad range of interests and many companies prove to be attractive targets for hackers in some shape or form. Realistic scenarios are: industrial espionage; theft of customer or employee data; safety implications of bad cybersecurity on the workshop floor or inside a smart product; financial market manipulation; business process disruption or business data deletion; and industrial sabotage of production processes or products. And with offense still outpacing defense, many of those threats pose potential catastrophic consequences. Managing the problem is a necessity. Cybersecurity is a highly complex issue from the management perspective. Some of the problems a manager faces in this field are: getting the risk-assessment right; locating the risk in the right parts of the system; formulating and verifying demand and specifications; knowing which technology partners to trust; how to evaluate system vulnerabilities, a security unit, or product; how to hire good security experts, and how to act during an incident. This English language program provides decision-makers with a set of tools and methods to understand the nuts and bolts and implications of cybersecurity and to manage the problem effectively and responsibly.


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