Cybersecurity | Degree Programs

Cybersecurity and Privacy | Degree Programs

ESMT Berlin prepares students for the digital future—one that is both sustainable and socially responsible.

ESMT offers a portfolio of degree programs for high-potential candidates from all over the globe. Our courses focus on applied learning as well as personal development, so that ESMT graduates bring creative and integrative approaches to their future work in diverse sectors worldwide.

Cybersecurity and Privacy is covered in the following programs:

<Master's in Management>   <Full-time MBA>   <Executive MBA>

Master's in Management (MSc)

Specialization: Global and digital strategy

The ESMT Master's in Management combines fieldwork in global companies with applied coursework and research on the latest business and management theories. Admitted students have a variety of academic backgrounds and use the time at ESMT to gain valuable knowledge and interdisciplinary experience to apply their previous expertise to economic and management problems.

Full-time MBA Program

Technology, sustainability, and general management electives

The ESMT Master of Business Administration is a one-year, full-time MBA program focusing on international management and leadership development. ESMT accepts up to 70 talented professionals every year to join an intense program that highlights innovation, technology, sustainability, and personal development.

Executive MBA Program

Elective: Cybersecurity

The ESMT EMBA in Berlin is an 18-month, part-time, modular program with a #1 reputation for developing global executives. Two international modules take participants to economic powerhouses abroad for networking and academic exchange. The program targets those who have an interest in creating long-term, sustainable competitive advantage for their companies through innovation, technology, and a global mindset.

Master's in Management

The MIM prepares talented analytical minds for careers in global business.

Full-time MBA

ESMT MBA: Learn to lead in a global business setting.

Executive MBA

Take your next step to a global executive career.