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DSI – Digital Society Institute

Supported by leading global companies in Germany, the Digital Society Institute Berlin was founded at ESMT Berlin in order to support the economic and social development of digitization through strategic research and development. The institute designs effective, responsible strategies for politics, business, and society in Europe's digital future and develops innovative technologies for novel approaches to digitization.

Dr. Sandro Gaycken, Director DSI

The Digital Society Institute is directed by Dr. Sandro Gaycken, a leading international researcher in the fields of technology and society, strategic digitization, and cybersecurity. The institute’s deputy director, Martin Schallbruch, was formerly responsible for digitization, IT and cybersecurity in the German federal government, where he served as Director General for Information Technology, Digital Society, and Cybersecurity in the Ministry of the Interior. He has extensive experience in legislation and national infrastructure projects, and is an expert on the cooperation between the public and private sector in the field of digitization.

The Digital Society Institute will deliver independent knowledge, effective strategies, and responsible perspectives for our digital future. - Dr. Sandro Gaycken

Areas of expertise

  1. High Assurance
  2. Industrial & Embedded Security
  3. Privacy and Security Regulation
  4. Cyber Defense
  5. Risk Governance & Security Efficiency
  6. Cyber Strategy and Innovation

Selected activities 2016

DSI regularly partners with leading academic, civil, corporate, and political organizations for interdisciplinary examinations of challenges and innovations in cyber security and digital privacy.

  • Conference: Defending Democracy. Increasing Innovation
  • Second Berlin Digital Dialogue: New European Rules on IT Security (in German)
  • Workshop: Secure and data-friendly technology - Data protection and IT security requirements for technology (in German)
  • Workshop: Strategies for mastering software vulnerabilities (in German)
  • Hosted meeting: Stakeholder session on the occasion of the US-Germany Cyber Bilateral Meeting