Digital strategy and business

Digital Strategy and Transformation

New digital technologies are disrupting traditional industries and dramatically reshaping the business landscape.

Leveraging the capabilities of technologies such as social media, mobile, analytics, cloud computing, the internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing, leading organizations are fundamentally rethinking their strategy and operations. It seems that no industry is immune to the realities in which traditional business models, customer and employee experiences, business processes, and management practices have been—or are in the process of being—transformed by these technologies. Ecosystems are replacing value chains in this new digital world.

Renewing an organization to embrace digital opportunities and managing the required transformation can be enormously challenging. From both our research and engagement with companies who are right now on this transformative journey, ESMT Berlin has gained deep knowledge and experience that can help you build an effective digital strategy and successfully navigate a path through what will inevitably be a complex change process.

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