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Digital Strategy and Transformation | Executive Development Programs

Today’s business leaders must navigate market terrains that have been radically transformed by disruptive technologies.

To do so requires that they gain greater knowledge of modern digital technologies. They must also learn how to lead their businesses—across all business segments—to embrace innovative and digitally-driven strategies.

Digital Business Strategy and Transformation programs at ESMT Berlin incorporate the latest teaching methods, which integrate lectures, case discussions, simulations, action-based learning, creative interventions, group work, and discussions with ESMT faculty. Since peer-to-peer dialogue is an integral part of our high-impact learning process, participants with similar experiences and interests are selected for each program to ensure maximum group synergies and exchange.

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Blockchain - a Transaction Technology for Smart Contracts

Decoding Digital: Building a Digital Strategy

Delivering on Digital: Successfully Implementing Digital Transformation Projects

IT Leadership Program

Leading Digital Transformation   

Modern Sales Management

Blockchain: a Transaction Technology for Smart Contracts

We can reap massive benefits from working together. But trust is scarce—an unfortunate outcome of traditional approaches to managing the interactions of and transactions between individuals, businesses, institutions, and governments. Technology is now dramatically challenging that model. The blockchain—a distributed digital transaction model best shown in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin—has proven that simple and peer-driven systems can deliver as much high value, trust, and security as today’s complex networks.
In this English-language program, ESMT Berlin introduces executives to the blockchain—explaining how the technology works and how participants can leverage its disruptive potential for their own businesses.

Decoding Digital: Building a Digital Strategy

Without a doubt, information technology is one of the biggest disruptive forces confronting organizations and their leadership teams today. Organizations of all sizes, whether private or public sector, are being transformed by inexorable advances in technology—a reshaping of their business models, value propositions, customer experiences, product and service development, and management practices. Many businesses today are digitally driven businesses. Others soon will be.
The Decoding Digital: Building a Digital Strategy program equips executives with tools and techniques for leading an organization in the adoption of a digital strategy. Participants learn how to distinguish between their digital investments and identify value therein. They also learn how to embrace a digital strategy in operational and strategic planning.

Delivering on Digital: Successfully Implementing Digital Transformation Projects

Information technology is a fundamental element of any transformation initiative, yet the success rate of IT-enabled investments in most organizations is poor. Issues such as miscommunication of business objectives and low organizational buy-in become critical obstacles to reaching digitalization goals.
In this program, participants learn how to identify the expected benefits of digitalization and how to construct a detailed plan for their realization. Program participants also learn how to engage key stakeholders—executives, managers, users and others—in project development, implementation, and evaluation. Many of the organizations that have adopted this approach have strengthened the relationship between their administrative and IT teams and significantly improved the success rate of their digital investments.

IT Leadership Program

IT systems are the lifeblood of many of today’s businesses. Yet many managers are dissatisfied with what IT contributes to their businesses, challenging CIO and IT directors to prove the value of their teams in the greater business story. ESMT research reveals that many technology managers are struggling with the kind of leadership necessary to drive digitalization initiatives within their companies.
The English-language IT Leadership (ITL) Program empowers participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to shape and optimize technology in their companies. These IT managers learn how to communicate IT investment value to key stakeholders, to align IT systems with core business strategies and targets, and to design and lead effective IT teams.

Leading Digital Transformation

The Leading Digital Transformation (LDT) program provides executives with methods and measures that help them effectively lead their businesses within increasingly digitalized markets. The program encourages participants to become drivers of change at their companies by developing new mindsets and behaviors within teams and departments. Through experiential learning and by tapping into new didactical approaches (e.g., gamification and prototyping), LDT helps participants understand not only the “what” of digitalization but also the “how” of leadership excellence in a digitalized context. LDT covers the understanding, adaptation, and immediate application of newly gained knowledge in a state-of-the-art approach. Participants will be guided through a learning journey that is rich in new business perspectives and successful leadership approaches.

Modern Sales Management

Sales management has never been as challenging as it is today. Business models are changing as company managers strive to establish themselves as solution providers while capitalizing on digitalization and handling global competition. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find, lead, and retain qualified sales personnel who are able to cope with these challenges. Against this backdrop, sales managers need to rethink established practices. To support managers in this endeavor, the English language program “Modern Sales Management” (MSM) answers the question of how to manage sales in a modern way. Participants will learn about the newest scientific insights and how to build and steer a winning sales force while effectively managing customer relationships. Participants will also discuss how to implement the required changes and strategies when dealing with resistance.


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