Entrepreneurship and innovation

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Digitalization opens up unprecedented opportunities for innovation within organizations and for entrepreneurs.

Embracing the power of digital technologies, established organizations are creating innovative business models, rethinking their processes, and reimagining customer and employee experiences to accommodate new technologies. Technology is opening up new channels for customer engagement, offering unprecedented insight into the needs and behaviors of customers while also inviting their involvement and ideas. Established companies increasingly look beyond their internal R&D to external stakeholders, with high expectations that this open innovation approach can contribute to new product and service development and innovation.

Tech startups are not just shaking up traditional industries but also providing a vehicle for those with an entrepreneurial bent to develop their ideas and build companies. In recent years, many large, established brands have come to Berlin to tap into the incredible startup ecosystem that has emerged.

ESMT helps students and executives build the entrepreneurial mindsets, skillsets, and relationships invaluable to developing innovative and effective solutions to today's problems.

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