Entrepreneurship and innovation | Executive Development Programs

Entrepreneurship and Innovation | Executive Development Programs

Business leaders who embrace innovation and who think as entrepreneurs will be the champions of the digital age.

This will require mastery of new rules for business engagement—whether reaching customers via social media or challenging competitors via online marketplaces. It will also require greater a certain business acumen for managing organizational change, exploring new market opportunities, and leveraging new technologies for success.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs at ESMT Berlin incorporate the latest teaching methods, which integrate lectures, case discussions, simulations, action-based learning, creative interventions, group work, and discussions with ESMT faculty. Since peer-to-peer dialogue is an integral part of our high-impact learning process, participants with similar experiences and interests are selected for each program to ensure maximum group synergies and exchange.

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Change Management Seminar

With today’s global competition and its new rules, it is necessary to continually adjust and accommodate for new situations. As a result, change processes have become part of the daily management routine and business leaders need a variety of frameworks and methods to enhance their effectiveness as change agents. The German language “Change Management Seminar” offers participants a comprehensive overview of the relevant strategies, control levers, and mechanisms in change processes, each of which can be applied after the participant returns to their company.

Design Thinking and Innovation Workshop

Organizations and companies strive to be more innovative: New products may attract new customer groups and increase revenues. Improvements in processes may lead to greater organizational efficiency. Yet many innovations never materialize, because executives and decision-makers do not have the right tools and techniques at hand to explore and to implement their ideas.
This one-day experiential workshop is focused on the Design Thinking methodology. Participants explore their own creative potential while learning techniques for encouraging and facilitating structured creative thinking processes.

Driving Agility - Application Workshop Design Thinking and Scrum

As a customer-centric, hands-on approach to innovation, Design Thinking methods have succeeded in large companies and are now gaining traction in medium-sized enterprises, NGOs, and governmental institutions as well.

Innovation as a Corporate Model

Innovate or die. Today’s innovation culture challenges every business leader. The accelerated pace of globalization requires companies to improve processes, develop new products, and create new lines of business in ever shorter cycles. Disruptive technologies and increasing competition threaten existing revenue streams. At the same time, digitalization and new forms of early-stage consumer involvement offer an unprecedented number of opportunities for interaction and idea exchange.
The English-language program “Innovation as a Corporate Model” breaks the boundaries of classroom teaching with a deep-dive learning experience. Participants will visit new forms of shared working environments, speak with startup entrepreneurs and CEOs, and acquire tools that enhance creativity and boost innovation inside their own business units.

Leadership in Action

For an entrepreneur building a company – or an entrepreneurial thinker strengthening an existing organization – moving beyond the leadership comfort zone is more than an option: It is necessary for survival. The English language program Leadership in Action (LIA) shows managers how to achieve bold leadership skills and fresh paradigms to make effective decisions. It’s a rigorous, three-day, total-immersion experience. Using the transitional approach to change, an action-and-review framework extends thinking beyond classic presentation and case-study methods. The combined elements of action program segment and review segment work together to accelerate personal and professional growth – breaking out of the leadership routine and into greater opportunity.

Management 2020: Digitalisierung, Trends und Herausforderungen

Driven by the internet, new concepts such as the sharing economy and Industry 4.0 are challenging existing business models. At the same time, competitors from emerging markets are increasingly disrupting markets that have been the reserve of companies from developed countries. Demographic changes also place new demands on established business leaders. Members of Gen Y and Millenials are being recruited and question existing leadership principles.

Understanding and Leading Change

Understanding and Leading Change (ULC) prepares participants to meet the problems that come with initiating and implementing change. During the program, participants will examine change processes and the psychological, political, and organizational issues they generate. They will learn to categorize different challenges and identify specific problems for initiators, implementers, and recipients of change.


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