Decoding Digital: Building a Digital Strategy

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Without a doubt, information technology is one of the biggest disruptive forces confronting organizations and their leadership teams today. It is not just large organizations but organizations of all sizes, including the public sector, that are being impacted by the inexorable advances in technology. Most businesses today are – or, at least, are becoming – digital businesses.

It seems that no industry is immune to the realities in which business models, business processes, value propositions, customer experiences, products, services, and management practices have been, or are being, transformed by the internet and other digital technologies. It is therefore paramount that all organizations have a strategy that clearly maps out how the organization plans to leverage digital technologies. But how do you go about building this strategy? What should such a strategy contain? And who should be responsible for developing this strategy?


Target audience

Executives focused on helping their organizations embrace digital technologies, both operationally and strategically.


Key benefits

  • address the key questions of where, when, and how to invest in digital
  • gain a thorough understanding of the impact of digital technologies on organizations and the competition
  • establish a frame of reference for considering digital in a strategic context,
  • toolset to aid in crafting a digital strategy


Key topics

  • Unlocking business value from digital investments
  • Distinguishing between different types of digital investments
  • Innovating products, services, processes, and customer experiences
  • Components of a digital strategy
  • Tools and techniques for building a digital strategy


Meet the teaching staff

Joe Peppard (Program Director)

Professor, ESMT Berlin

Joe is Director of the School’s IT Leadership Program. He is also Adjunct Professor at the University of South Australia. Over the years he has held academic appointments at Loughborough University, Trinity College Dublin, Groningen University, and the University of Sydney.

The focus of Joe’s research and teaching is in the area of information systems and technology. His research falls under five broad themes:

  • Leadership: driving the organization forward in the use and exploitation of IT, including the leadership role of the CIO

  • Strategy: thinking strategically about information, systems and technology

  • Innovation: marrying emerging technology capability with business opportunities

  • Organisation: structuring and sourcing IT infrastructure, services, human capital and processes and the enterprise governance of IT

  • Value: generating value from IT investments.

Professor Peppard's consulting is focused on advising organizations on IT and strategy related matters and how to unlock business value from their IT investments. He also works with a number of technology companies helping them with their strategy, market positioning and growth.