Die Führungskraft als Coach

Flat hierarchies and decentralized decision-making structures place high demands on the competencies and responsibilities of all employees.

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Consequently, managers are increasingly called upon to coach and encourage their employees about their personal and professional development.

This German language program answers the questions business leaders have regarding their unfamiliar role as a coach: How can they convincingly communicate their role as a coach? How do they structure the coaching process? What are the limitations of coaching and which topics are taboos? Which coaching methods are best for different personality types?


Target audience

Business leaders with several years of management experience who are prepared to assume this role and view coaching to be a part of their management responsibility.


Key benefits

  • analyze the conditions under which they can accept coaching as an additional leadership role and be effective in it
  • discuss the critical phases of the coaching process and develop action plans for a structured coaching method, based on practical experiences
  • proven diagnostic concepts, useful communication techniques, typical interventions, and modes of behavior


Key topics

  • The business leader as an internal coach: role clarification and opportunities
  • The coaching process: structure and process
  • The actual coaching: conceptual basis and different forms of communication
  • Diagnostic concepts of the coaching process
  • Typical forms of intervention and behavior of the business leader as a coach
  • Team coaching as a management task
  • Individual preparation for the role as a coach


Meet the teaching staff

Professor Dr. Eduard Jochum (Program Director)

is an ESMT Berlin visiting lecturer and a professor of Corporate Culture, Personal Management and Organizational Development at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt am Main and the founder of JOCHUM Dialog CONSULTANTS GmbH, Reutlingen, Germany with subsidiaries in Karlsruhe, Cologne, Munich, Ulm, and Vienna.


Dipl. Psych. Peter Friederichs

is an ESMT Berlin guest lecturer and managing director of CELIDON CONSULTING GmbH, founder and chairman of Human-Capital-Club e. V., lecturer at the Technical University of Munich and at Konstanz University of Applied Sciences. As advisor to the German Association for People Management (DGFP), he directs the training of professional coaches. Not least because of his many years of management experience in renowned corporations, he is considered a sought-after coach and consultant up to top management level.


Gisela Schmitz

is a coach at ESMT Berlin, the owner of Blickwinkel Kulturvermittlung + Coaching as well as stage director. As a trainer and coach, she supports executives on the way to an individually coherent, convincing, and effective communication.


Annette Voss

is a coach at ESMT Berlin and lecturer in management development. As a certified coach, she guides executives, teams, and organizations through change processes. She holds several lectureships. Being a partner in a family business herself, she is always in close contact with the world of small and medium-sized enterprises.