Führung von Mitarbeitern und Teams

People and teams drive organizational progress, yet it is executives who are faced with the complex task of forming and leading these groups.

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To start with, they need to create a working environment that is conducive to high levels of performance while dealing with questions such as: How do I convince people to follow my lead? How can I influence the actions of others? How do I affect my employees? How can I solve conflicts within the team?

Based on these and similar questions, participants in this German language program will analyze their leadership styles, discover their weaknesses and strengths, and work out practical solutions using leadership cases based on their experiences. A feedback tool will help them evaluate their leadership styles. On request, the results can be discussed during individual coaching discussions.

As Englisch language alternative we recommend the program „Leading People and Teams“ (LPT). To continue learning and build on FvM we recommend the German language programs „Change Management Seminar“ (CMS), „Führungskraft als Coach“ (FkC) und „Leistungsmanagement: Führung, Resilienz, Stressmanagement“ (LM).


Target audience

Participants have at least three years of leadership experience and want to achieve above-average performance with their people and teams. They want to exchange experiences with colleagues from other companies and obtain new incentives for their behavior as a business leader.


Key benefits

  • Reflection of current leadership behaviour and identification of further potential
  • Optional anonymous feedback on leadership styles
  • Discussion of individual leadership issues with an experienced coach
  • Practical significance of current research results
  • Experience, exchange and contacts with different industries


Key topics

  • Goal-oriented leadership
  • Motivation of employees and teams
  • Feedback as a management tool
  • Leading conversations
  • Influencing in times of neuroplasticity
  • Team development and leadership
  • Change management
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management


Meet the teaching staff

Dr. Franziska Frank (Program Director)

Dr. Franziska Frank is Affiliate Program Director at ESMT Berlin. Franziska teaches about negotiation, decision making, influencing, nudging, authentic leadership and what every manager should know about the brain. As a qualified MBSR teacher she teaches mindfulness in different formats.


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kerschreiter

is an ESMT Berlin Guest Lecturer and professor of Social, Organizational and Economic Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin. His research focuses on individual and group decision-making,  communication and cooperation in groups and cognitive, motivational, and social influences on information processing. He is on the Editorial Board of the the Journal of Personnel Psychology and author of numerous publications.


Professor Dr. Eduard Jochum

ESMT Berlin visiting lecturer and professor of Corporate Culture, Personal Management and Organizational Development at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt am Main and the founder of JOCHUM Dialog CONSULTANTS GmbH, Reutlingen, Germany with subsidiaries in Karlsruhe, Cologne, Munich, Ulm, and Vienna.