Understanding and Leading Change

Understanding and Leading Change

Change as the major aspect of organizational life

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Understanding and Leading Change (ULC) prepares participants to meet the problems that come with initiating and implementing change. During the program, participants will examine change processes and the psychological, political, and organizational issues they generate. They will learn to categorize different challenges and identify specific problems for initiators, implementers, and recipients of change.

As German language alternative program we recommend the program „Change Management Seminar“ (CMS).


Target audience

Executives concerned with initiating, accompanying, managing, or leading change initiatives.


Key benefits

  • greater awareness of change processes, typical patterns, and their challenges.
  • deeper understanding of change as a major aspect of organizational life.
  • frameworks and tools to initiate and successfully implement necessary change.
  • solid network of global contacts


Key topics

  • Understanding the need for change and the challenges accompanying it
  • Archetypes and dynamics of change processes
  • Why change initiatives fail
  • Factors of successful change
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Influencing others to change
  • Individual preferences in change interactions
  • Understanding and leading technical and adaptive change
  • Frameworks and tools for understanding and leading change



“Change stimulates resistance because it challenges people’s habits, beliefs, and values. It asks them to take a loss, experience uncertainty, and even express disloyalty to people and cultures. It also challenges their sense of competence. No wonder people resist.”

Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky


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