Managing IT in the Digital Age

Managing IT in the Digital Age

This program will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to be a dynamic IT leader.

Without doubt, information and communication technology (ICT) is the biggest disruptive force confronting most organizations and their leadership teams today. It is not just large organizations, but organizations of all sizes including the public sector that are being impacted by the advances in technology. Most businesses today are – or, at least, are becoming – digital businesses. No industry, it seems, is immune to the realities where business models, business processes, value proposition, customer experiences, products, services, and management practices have been or are being transformed by the internet and other digital technologies.

Yet our research reveals that many are struggling with the kind of leadership necessary to embrace the digital agenda and drive their organizations forward in the use of IT. This program is designed to address this challenge. It will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to be a dynamic IT leader, enabling them to improve their organization’s effectiveness in how it uses IT. By the end of the program, participants will have developed their capabilities, positioning them to shape the strategic direction, innovation, and the value their organization derives from IT.

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Target audience

Target audience

Executives with responsibility for IT; IT managers with leadership ambitions; chief information officers; chief digital officers; IT executives who seek an extra edge.

Key topics

Key topics

  • Being an effective business leader
  • Formulating and co-evolving business and IT/digital strategies
  • Managing the IT investment portfolio
  • Defining the business operating model and enterprise architecture
  • Setting up and running IT projects that deliver
  • Designing a workable IT governance structure
  • Driving change and overcoming the barriers to achieving change
Take-home value

Take-home value

Participants will expand their knowledge and enhance their personal performance as an effective IT leader. Developing their leadership capability to advance their career, they will learn new essential skills and competencies. This, in turn, will help them shape strategic direction, drive innovation, and optimize the value their organization derives from IT. They will gain valuable exposure to leading-edge practices, models, and ideas for immediate implementation.

Meet the faculty

Meet the faculty

Joe Peppard (Program director)

Professor, ESMT

Joe is Director of the School’s IT Leadership Program. He is also Adjunct Professor at the University of South Australia. Over the years he has held academic appointments at Loughborough University, Trinity College Dublin, Groningen University, and the University of Sydney.

The focus of Joe’s research and teaching is in the area of information systems and technology. His research falls under five broad themes:

  • Leadership: driving the organisation forward in the use and exploitation of IT, including the leadership role of the CIO
  • Strategy: thinking strategically about information, systems and technology
  • Innovation: marrying emerging technology capability with business opportunities
  • Organisation: structuring and sourcing IT infrastructure, services, human capital and processes and the enterprise governance of IT
  • Value: generating value from IT investments.

Joe has published widely in academic, general business and management journals. In 2009 he was awarded the Stafford Beer Medal by the OR Society for his research. His most recent books include Strategic Planning for Information Systems (Wiley) and Customer Relationship Management: Perspectives from the Marketplace (Butterworth-Heinemann). He is currently working on a book Business Innovation with Information Technology. He is an Editorial Board Member of European Management Journal and the Journal of Information Technology.

Professor Peppard's consulting is focused on advising organisations on IT and strategy related matters and how to unlock business value from their IT investments. He also works with a number of technology companies helping them with their strategy, market positioning and growth.

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