Open Enrollment Programs in English

Open Enrollment Programs

Building to last, leading to adapt

ESMT’s Open Enrollment Programs offer high-quality executive education in a short time frame. The goal is learning for leading. Participants are able to translate what they have learned into action as soon as they get back to their companies. ESMT’s faculty and renowned professors from around the globe lead these courses.


Open Enrollment Programs:

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General Management

General Management

Executive Transition Program (ETP)

The Executive Transition Program (ETP) is a modular threeweek program designed for experienced, functional managers who have recently moved, or are about to move, into positions with more general management responsibilities.



Bringing Technology to Market (BTM)

Bringing Technology to Market (BTM) offers leadingedge insights for profitable revenue generation on global B2B markets. Each program module will be run in one of three major business areas of Europe, the United States, and China.


Strategic Market Management (SMM)

Strategy and strategic thinking are core elements of business success – a strong strategy sense is among the most important skills an executive can have.


Modern Sales Management (MSM)

In our seminar Modern Sales Management (MSM), participants will be prepared to tackle the top challenges in sales management that determine the success or failure of today’s companies. They will learn how to attract customers in competitive markets, how to win highly desirable contracts, and how to build long-lasting relationships with customers. Furthermore, participants will explore how to effectively lead their sales force toward accomplishing all of these sales targets.


Innovation as a Corporate Model

Innovate or die. Today’s business landscape is marked by an innovation culture, one that touches the most fundamental challenges that every business leader faces.


Managing IT in the Digital Age

This program will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to be a dynamic IT leader.



Leading People and Teams (LPT)

This program is a leadership laboratory dealing with the why and how of behavior in organizations. Unlike many other programs, it goes beyond the obvious, conscious, and rational side of human function, adding the opportunity to explore productive – and destructive – drives that individuals subconsciously follow in organizations.


Leading with Psychological Intelligence (LPI)

Leading with Psychological Intelligence responds to the increasing demand from executives looking to enhance their leadership efficacy through better connections with subordinates, peers, and superiors.


Leadership in Action (LIA)

For an entrepreneur building a company – or an entrepreneurial thinker strengthening an existing organization – moving beyond the leadership comfort zone is more than an option: it is necessary for survival.


Managing Errors and Crises (CRIS)

In management we tend to focus on success stories. But based on what we read and hear each day, it may be more interesting to learn how strong organizations get themselves involved in disasters or bankruptcies, despite the fact that their managers have solid professional backgrounds.


Young Leaders Program (YLP)

The Young Leaders Program (YLP) is an introduction to the reality, the contexts, and the personal aspects of leading. Participants will first reflect on the contextual aspects of their roles, relating them to corporate and departmental strategies, teams they lead, cooperations and coalitions within and outside organizational boundaries. In the second part of the program, the young leaders will work on their personal approaches to leadership. They will become familiar and experiment with various leadership styles, explore their personal leadership ambitions, and reflect on the responsibilities they have taken on by accepting a leadership role.


Understanding and Leading Change (ULC)

This program prepares participants to meet the problems that come with initiating and implementing change. During the three-day program, participants will examine change processes and the psychological, political, and organizational issues they induce.


Powerful Business Communications for Leaders (PBC)

ESMT European School of Management and Technology, in close cooperation with the Allianz Communications Academy and other expert institutions, has developed a program to prepare leaders for today’s communication challenges.



Finance for the Non-Finance Executive (FIN)

Managers in multifaceted organizations are seldom encouraged to consider their value-chain position or the value created by all the players involved. Indeed, many executives are not confident in their knowledge of the underlying principles and practical applications of basic investmentappraisal techniques.

This innovative, action-oriented, hands-on program is designed for nonfinancial managers who wish to learn how accounting and financial processes work, and how to interpret the powerful messages that can emerge from the numbers. The program focuses on identifying and removing financial management roadblocks and helps establish a sustainable program of financial discipline and awareness.

Decision Making and Negotiations

Decision Making and Negotiations

Decision Making (DMA)

The program is designed to help managers achieve greater insight and learn to exercise sound judgment by honing decision-making skills and designing more effective processes.


Mastering Negotiations (NEGa)

This program has been designed for accomplished professionals working for first-class companies who frequently conduct negotiations within the firm as well as with outside parties.


Mastering Yourself as a Negotiator (NEGb)

Mastering Yourself as a Negotiator has been designed for executives who are sure of their systematic, conceptual grasp of negotiation strategies and have mastered the particular skills needed to prepare and carry out successful negotiations.


ESMT Campus Schloss Gracht

ESMT Campus Schloss Gracht

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ESMT - The next Generation of Leaders

The next generation of leaders

ESMT customized program for high potentials

Bringing Technology to Market

Bringing Technology to Market

The ESMT flagship program for managers

Error Managament

Error Management

The missing factor in today's organizations

Video: IT Leadership Program - Turning IT Managers into Business Leaders

IT Leadership Program

Turning IT Managers into Business Leaders

The Executive Transition Program - your door to general management

Executive Transition Program

Your door to general management

About ESMT's Executive Education Programs


About ESMT's executive education programs