This is a photo of some of the ESMT faculty.

Faculty & Research

A premier business school is comprised of an international and diverse faculty producing innovative research while also demonstrating excellence in the classroom. Situated in state-of-the-art facilities and supported by a world-class community of corporate partners, ESMT Berlin has laid the foundations for achieving these high aspirations.



International world-class faculty and research aimed at top academic publications.

This is a photo of a black chalkboard covered with equations.

Research and development

Foundation for generating relevant and ground-breaking knowledge.

This is a photo of Prof. Konstantin Korotov teaching.

Centers and chairs

Research activities focused on mission-related areas of interest

This is a photo of conference participants during a break.


Interdisciplinary platforms for discourse, which help to establish new networks.

Leaders of tomorrow

Research lab

For studies in consumer and investor behavior, behavioral economics, and psychology.

This is a photo of the IC with people at computers and bookshelves

Information Center (IC)

Information to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

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