This is a photo of "The Chair" by artist Volker Werner.

ESMT Coaching Colloquia

8th ESMT/KDVI Coaching Colloquium

Is it normal?

December 16–17, 2016 at ESMT in Berlin.

The Center for Leadership Development Research at the ESMT – European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, Germany and Kets de Vries Institute (KDVI)  run for the 8th time the now legendary ESMT/KDVI Coaching Colloquium. The topic for 2016 is “Is it normal?” The Colloquium continues to serve as an opportunity for academics, practicing leadership coaches, Human Resources and Learning and Development professionals, and management consultants to enhance their knowledge, skills, and networks through intensive collaboration and peer-consultation on challenging or unusual cases in the practice of executive coaching.

During the Colloquium we will be working with real cases presented by real coaches, faculty, and learning and development managers and commented upon by fellow professionals. We will continue building on our previous experience of creating a real coaching development laboratory with an opportunity to learn and to contribute to the learning of others.

We will continue again with a feature added in 2012: Coaches’ poster sessions on their proprietary coaching methodologies and tools, exploration of unusual coaching interventions, and new formats for coaches’ interactions.