Our value proposition

In a key departure from other forums of this kind, the Sustainable Business Roundtable (SBRT) hosts biannual meetings that bring together sustainability managers from leading companies with their colleagues from other departments (e.g., HR, investor relations, marketing, etc.) as well as other institutional partners such as suppliers, NGOs or regulators.

The SBRT provides a learning platform that combines the latest academic insight with best-in-class business practices to develop leading-edge concepts that produce a “sustainability advantage” for businesses.

The vitality and balance members bring to the SBRT will allow them to better understand how they can maximize their own professional performance as well as that of their organizations and professional communities.

By joining the Roundtable, companies can:

•  Learn how triple bottom line strategies create value for different functional areas within companies

•  Discuss best practices, opportunities, and challenges of implementing CR strategies with other world- class companies

•  Formulate and implement strategies that maximize both business and societal value

•  Set up joint research projects with ESMT Berlin as academic partner.