What we do

Develop strategy


We offer consulting on the creation and implementation of initial corporate sustainability strategies, supporting those new to the field. For corporations with corporate sustainability strategies and activities in place, the Center for Sustainable Business offers ongoing review and assessment.

Marc van Weede, Global Head of Strategy & Sustainability, Aegon: “The Center for Sustainable Business offers high-quality research that has practical relevance to business. We obtained great insights working together on a project investigating how CSR activities can motivate frontline employees.”

Read the study: "CSR and the Frontline Context: How Social Programs Improve Customer Service"


Create knowledge


We conduct independent academic research on corporate sustainability matters, acting as an expert source of information in corporate sustainability policy and practice.

Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever: “I enjoyed reading Leveraging Corporate Responsibility and picked up a few ideas for which I am grateful. […]This book helps refine our thinking about corporate responsibility.”

Read the book: "Leveraging Corporate Responsibility: The Stakeholder Route to Maximizing Business and Social Value"


Influence policy

We capitalize on our unique assets and a strong network of academic professionals to influence corporate sustainability policy and increase visibility for your corporate sustainability strategies.

Ernesto Ciorra, Head of Innovation and Sustainability, Enel: “Sustainability and innovation should go hand in hand. The Center for Sustainable Business is building a strong community of companies and is helping us spread this important message.”


Advance your career

We draw from our resources and structures within ESMT Berlin and offer corporate sustainability education as career advancement opportunities for top managers and executives.

Financial Times: “When it comes to sustainability and how to incorporate it into a business, […] I was sceptic […]. But the first course I took on the topic was enlightening. (…) Maybe the most important thing I learnt in this course, led by Professor CB Bhattacharya, is that many organizations […] beginning to understand that unless changes are made, their business might not be able to survive. Being sustainable can also not only make a difference to certain communities but, indeed, makes business sense even for short-term profitability.”