The NATO SPS project

NATO SPS Project on Cyberdefense in the Middle East

This NATO SPS project, directed by Dr. Sandro Gaycken, develops the national military cyberdefense strategy for Jordan, and implements the strategy jointly with the Jordan Armed Forces.

As technical tasks of the project, a MILCERT was selected, acquired and set up, a cyber training center was conceptualized and set up, and a security testing center was devised and set up. As tactical, strategic and political tasks, trainings for cyber officers in EUR and US were organized, a national awareness, training and education program was designed, cyber security cooperative networks, regional and international and PPP, were built, a national framework for information security standards and policies was devised, university curriculas were proposed and counter-propaganda measures against extremists’ Internet propaganda were recommended. Capacity-building aims to create resilience against sophisticated regional cyber threats.