Military Cyber Defense

Military Cyber Defense

Cyber defense describes the military problem of defensive cybersecurity, in its entirety comprising technical, tactical, operational, and strategic/political options.

It is the most challenging task in the entire field of cybersecurity, as the military’s adversaries are by far the most sophisticated cyber attackers, capable of using a large variety of attack vectors with high expertise, combined with ex-perience in military intelligence operations and electronic warfare. And it covers a vast range of complex technologies. From logistics, to command-and-control, to embedded systems in defense electronics and weapons systems, everything can be attacked and the potential consequences are among the most devastating.

New and high-standard security solutions need to be developed, but these first require the develop-ment of a market for cyber defense. Most suppliers are unfit to provide the knowhow and technologies required for this challenging field, making this a big and strategic task.

At DSI, we aim to help militaries in this quest. From strategy and doctrine development and imple-mentation, through high security audits, to high assurance technology development, we cover all military cyber defense needs. We have longstanding expertise in this area: Our researchers have audited and assessed actual military cyber systems, including weapons systems; they have served as expert witnesses in military counterintelligence court cases; and, as project directors in NATO missions, they have developed and implemented entire national cyber defense strategies, technologies, laws, and operational structures.

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