At ESMT Berlin we recruit, develop, and promote a diverse world-class faculty. Our productive environment supports the academic faculty in their focus on rigorous and original research aimed at top academic publications. Our managerial faculty further enriches the School with strong business experience combined with academic credentials. Industry backing provides opportunities to generate ideas with substantial practical impact, that also feed insights into creative teaching approaches.

This is a photo of Prof. Guillermo Baquero, ESMT.

Guillermo Baquero

Associate Professor and Faculty Lead of the Master's in Management Program
This is a photo of Christoph Burger, ESMT Faculty Professional and Managing Director of ESMT CS.

Christoph Burger

Senior Lecturer

Johannes Habel

Johannes Habel

Associate Professor, Program Director, and Co-director, Hidden Champions Institute (HCI)

This is a photo of Jan U. Hagen  Associate Professor, ESMT

Jan U. Hagen

Associate Professor

This is a photo of Ulrich Linnhoff, Lecturer and Head of USW Netzwerk Programs

Ulrich Linnhoff

Lecturer and Head of USW Netzwerk Programs
Urs Müller, Lecturer, ESMT

Urs Müller

Lecturer and Head of the Practice Group Consumer Goods and Retail