This is a photo of Prof. Paul Heidhues talking with two PhD Fellows.

PhD program

In 2013, the Berlin Senate granted ESMT Berlin the right to award PhD titles, making it one of just four private universities in Germany to hold this honor. ESMT Berlin currently participates in the following doctoral/PhD program:

BDPEMS is a cooperation of all of Berlin’s major educational and research institutions. ESMT Berlin only offers doctorate-level education and PhD supervision through the BDPEMS program. Applications must be made directly via the BDPEMS Online Portal between February and March, with the program beginning in October. (Please address all questions regarding the application procedure and requirements to The program combines two years of coursework and usually another two years of dissertation research. After completing the first year core courses, students must find a supervisor from within the BDPEMS faculty.

ESMT Berlin also offers scholarships to students of this program. Please see our scholarships page for further information.


Veljko Bojovic

ESMT PhD Fellow

Benjamin Grosse Rueschkamp

ESMT PhD Candidate and Faculty Research Assistant
Thias is a photo of Katja Kisseleva.

Katja Kisseleva

ESMT PhD Fellow and Research Associate, Center for Financial Reporting and Auditing (CFRA)
This is a photo of Vu Binh Le, ESMT Berlin.

Vu Binh Le

ESMT PhD Fellow
This is a photo of Ingo Marquart, PhD Fellow, ESMT.

Ingo Marquart

ESMT PhD Fellow
This is a photo of Kamil Stronski.

Kamil Stronski

ESMT PhD Fellow
Marrit Teirlinck, ESMT Berlin

Marrit Teirlinck

ESMT PhD Fellow
This is a photo of Nghi Truong, PhD Fellow, ESMT.

Nghi Truong

ESMT PhD Felllow