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ESMT Berlin publishes in international academic journals, which are first-class in their respective fields. Research also provides cutting-edge and profound insights for the business community as well as the classroom through managerial publications and case studies. This rare integration of research and practice makes ESMT Berlin an outstanding location for generating relevant and ground-breaking knowledge.


Cases in executive coaching: From the annals of the ESMT coaching colloquia

Independently published
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior

This book is a collection of challenging cases in executive coaching from the annals of the ESMT-Berlin Coaching Colloquia - yearly events for experienced professionals committed to advancement of the coaching profession. In the period of 2009-2018, hundreds of difficult cases were discussed by coaches from all over the world in an intensive but safe environment of the ESMT Berlin Campus. This volume presents a few of those cases to the interested public and offers a unique opportunity to explore the work of coaches from within and to reflect upon ways professionals approach ambiguous moments in their practice. The cases do not serve the purpose to endorse or critique a particular coaching choice, but rather give the reader an opportunity to think about their own ways of handling professional challenges in coaching engagements. The book can be an exciting self-development tool or instructional material for courses in coaching training or supervision.

ISBN 978-1790860722 (Print)


Multivariate Analysemethoden: Eine anwendungsorientierte Einführung [Multivariate statistical analysis: A practical introduction]

15th ed.,Berlin Heidelberg: Gabler
Klaus Backhaus, Bernd Erichson, Wulff Plinke, Rolf Weiber (2018)
Subject(s): Marketing
Keyword(s): multivariate analysis
Edition 15
ISBN 978-3-662-56655-8 (Online) 978-3-662-56654-1 (Print)


Cybersecurity in Germany

SpringerBriefs in Cybersecurity, 1st ed.,New York City, New York: Springer
Subject(s): Economics, politics and business environment, Information technology and systems
Keyword(s): Cybersecurity, cyber defense, critical infrastructure protection, digital sovereignty, data protection, policy, strategy, regulation
JEL Code(s): K24, N44, O25, O38

With the digitization of nearly all aspects of life, our societies increasingly depend on the resilience and security of computing and communication technologies. Hence, the protection of information technology (IT) against unauthorized access, attack, and accidental failure, has become a priority for nation-states around the world. Throughout the past one or two decades, most countries have adopted strategies, policies, and practical steps to protect the security of IT and critical infrastructures within their territory, and, by extension, their citizens. These practices are generally subsumed under the umbrella of cybersecurity. The book provides an analysis of the evolution of cybersecurity policy in Germany over the past two and a half decades. It highlights development lines as well as upcoming strategic challenges of the German cybersecurity policy.

Edition 1
Pages 76
ISBN 978-3-319-90014-8 (Online) 978-3-319-90013-1 (Print)


How could this happen? Managing errors in organizations

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
Jan U. Hagen (2018)
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior
Keyword(s): Error management, organizational learning, strategic error, leadership

Even today the reality of error management in some organizations is simple: “Don’t make mistakes." But it is still often centred around quality control, with Six Sigma Black Belts seeking to eradicate errors with an unattainable goal of zero. But the best organizations have moved on. They understand that mistakes happen, be they systemic or human. They have realized that rather than being stigmatized, errors have to be openly discussed, analysed, and used as a source for learning.

How Could This Happen? collects insights from the leading academics in this field – covering the prerequisites for error reporting, such as psychological safety, organizational learning and innovation, safety management systems, and the influence of senior leadership behaviour on the reporting climate. This research is complemented by contributions from practitioners who write about their professional experiences of error management. They provide not only ideas for implementation but also offer an inside view of highly demanding work environments, for example, managing innovation at BMW, flight operations in the military, and commanding nuclear submarines.

Every organization makes mistakes. Not every organization learns from them. It’s the job of leaders to create the culture and processes that enable that to happen.

Pages 292
ISBN 978-3-319-76403-0 (Online) 978-3-319-76402-3 (Print)


Schwacher Staat im Netz: Wie die Digitalisierung den Staat in Frage stellt [The weak state on the internet: How digitalization puts the state into question]

Berlin: Springer
Subject(s): Economics, politics and business environment, Ethics and social responsibility, Information technology and systems, Technology, R&D management
Keyword(s): Digital strategy, digitalization, cybersecurity, digital law, digital government
JEL Code(s): H11, H40, H77, O38
Pages 271
ISBN 978-3-658-19947-0 (Online) 978-3-658-19946-3 (Print)


Fatale Fehler: Oder warum Organisationen ein Fehlermanagement brauchen [Fatal errors: Or why organizations need error management]

2nd ed.,Heidelberg: Springer Gabler
Jan U. Hagen (2017)
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior
Keyword(s): Fehlermanagement, Kommunikation, Führung, Teams, error management, communication, leadership, teams, organizational behavior

Ich irre, also bin ich, schrieb Augustinus, und Benjamin Franklin war der Meinung, die Geschichte der menschlichen Irrtümer sei interessanter als diejenige ihrer Erfindungen; doch wenn wir uns irren und Fehler machen, ärgern wir uns und fühlen uns peinlich berührt. Am unangenehmsten sind uns die Fehler, die uns geschäftlich unterlaufen, denn auf dieser Ebene ist das Publikum in der Regel größer als im privaten Kreis. Dass diese Einstellung verhängnisvoll ist, demonstriert Jan Hagen auf faszinierende Weise anhand einschlägiger Beispiele aus der zivilen und militärischen Luftfahrt. Ebenso eindrucksvoll beschreibt er, wie dort nach und nach ein einschlägiges Fehlermanagement entwickelt wurde, die Widerstände, die auf dem Weg dahin überwunden werden mussten, und die langsame aber letztlich erfolgreiche Generierung jener sachlichen, fehlerdiagnostischen Kultur, die heute jedes moderne Unternehmen braucht.

Edition 2nd
Pages 206
ISBN 978-3-662-55484-5 (Online) 978-3-662-55483-8 (Print)


Information security of highly critical wireless networks

1st ed.,Cham: Springer International Publishing
Maurizio Martellini, Stanislav Abaimov, Sandro Gaycken, Clay Wilson (2017)
Subject(s): Technology, R&D management
Keyword(s): Cybersecurity, wireless networks, telecommunications, Zwave, ZigBee, WiFi, smart grid, electrical systems, high criticality wireless networks, information security, critical infrastructures, cyber norms, internet governance, cyber legislation, ICT risk management, cyber metrics, internet jurisdiction, information security threats
Edition 1
ISBN 978-3-319-52905-9 (Online) 978-3-319-52904-2 (Print)


管理学概论:非管理类知识背景高级经理通用 [Business administration for managers: An introduction for engineers, scientists, lawyers, and scholars of the humanities]

1st ed.,Shanghai: 上海财经大学出版社 [Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press]
Subject(s): Strategy and general management
Keyword(s): Accounting, finance, capital budgeting, M&A, value based management, controlling
JEL Code(s): M10

沃尔特·布斯·冯库伯、阿道夫·g.柯能贝格、 彼得·卡宇特、乌里奇·林豪夫、本哈德·裴仁斯等 、王煦逸所*的《管理学概论--非管理类知识背景高 级经理通用》一书,**部分介绍了企业管理的理念 ,基于这些理念,企业能够在市场竞争中立足,这里 涉及企业环境分析和由此得出的企业战略、客户导向 以及资方导向。面对急剧变化的市场环境,企业必须 做出反应,对企业的结构和流程做出有针对性的调整 。第二部分将介绍有关的措施:法律形式的选择、公 司治理、组织构架等。*后,本书论及财务方面的论 题:成本管理、投资核算、兼并重组管理、财务管理 、价值导向效益分析以及财务报告(第三和第四部分 )?br/> 本书按照模块化组织:每章都是一个独立的单元 ,可以在不涉及其他章节的情况下独立阅读。同时, 各模块之间又存在有机的联系。每章所附的习题帮助 读者加深对于各专题的理解?br/> 本书的目标读者是中国非管理类知识背景的企业 经理,他们希望通过自学、emba项目的学习或者专项 培训研读管理核心思想、方法和工具等。此外,本书 也有助于有多年管理经验的专家*新管理知识。通过 本书,读者可以得到有关企业管理方面系统的经验导 向概观。本书基于西欧企业管理的基本理念,并通过 德国的案例进行通俗易懂的阐述?br/>

Edition 1
Pages 436
ISBN 978-7-5642-2406-6 (Print)


The strategic management of information systems: Building a digital strategy

4th ed.,London: Wiley
Joe Peppard, John Ward (2016)
Subject(s): Information technology and systems, Technology, R&D management
Keyword(s): Strategic perspective, strategy implications, strategic management, strategy, innovation, IS/IT systems

A comprehensively updated revision of a book regarded by many as one the leading and authoritative titles for practitioners, academics and students in the domain of information systems and technology (IS/IT) strategy. Presents a structured framework with tools, techniques and ways of thinking which provide a practical approach to building a digital strategy, expressed primarily in the language of business and management. Brings together the implications of the significant advances in IT and the most useful current thinking, research, and experiences concerning the business impact and strategic opportunities created by IS/IT. Peppard and Ward discuss the key questions that managers have to grapple with of where, when and how to invest in IS/IT, which is why a IS/IT (or digital) strategy is required.

Edition 4th
Pages 504
ISBN 978-0-470-03467-5 (Print)


Der perfekte Businessplan [The perfect business plan]

3rd ed.,Munich: C.H. Beck
Bernd Fischl, Stefan Wagner (2016)
Subject(s): Strategy and general management
Keyword(s): Business planning, venture creation, entrepreneurship, start-ups

Zum Werk Businessplanung ist ein essentieller Bestandteil vor, bei und nach der Gründung eines Unternehmens. Selbst nach Etablierung eines Unternehmens sollte ein kontinuierlicher Planungsprozess und damit die Konkretisierung und Quantifizierung von Unternehmenszielen beibehalten werden. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Businessplanung von jungen Unternehmen. Hier ist der Planungsbedarf am größten aber auch zugleich am schwierigsten zu gestalten. Um eine solide Informationsgrundlage für (potenzielle und tatsächliche) Gründer und Jungunternehmer zu haben, werden im vorliegenden Buch die relevanten Bereiche einer adäquaten Geschäftsplanung dargestellt und erläutert. Vorteile auf einen Blick - Schritt für Schritt zum perfekten Businessplan - praxisorientiert und sofort umsetzbar - Tipps für die überzeugende Präsentation vor Investoren und Bankern Zielgruppe Für Existenzgründer und Unternehmer

Edition 3rd
Pages 180
ISBN 978-3406681080 (Print)


Business project management and marketing

1st ed.,Berlin Heidelberg: Springer
Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Wulff Plinke, Ingmar Geiger (2016)
Subject(s): Marketing
Keyword(s): Marketing, project management, business
Edition 1
Pages 399
ISBN 978-3-662-48507-1 (Online) 978-3-662-48506-4 (Print)


Coach and couch: The psychology of making better leaders

2nd ed.,Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
Manfred Kets de Vries, Konstantin Korotov, Elizabeth Florent-Treacy, Caroline Rook (2015)
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior
Keyword(s): Executive coaching, leadership development, executive education, psychology of leadership, clinical paradigm, talent management, HR management, executive coaching

Professor Manfred Kets de Vries and his colleagues have helped thousands of executives to increase their effectiveness in dealing with colleagues and clients, and to refocus their own professional and personal aspirations.
This book is a volume of essays on leadership development topics written by academics, coaches, and change consultants.
It explores how extraordinary leaders and thriving organizations are created by sharing research methodologies and insights, and by describing intervention and change techniques. Drawing upon substantial research, this book presents the essential leadership models and equips practitioners with tools for developing executive coaches and working with business leaders. This second edition includes new chapters on executive stress and coaching across the gender divide.

Edition 2nd
Pages 302
ISBN 978-1137561596 (Print)


Client centricity: Relationship management in banking

Hamburg: Murmann
Jan U. Hagen, Ulrich Schürenkrämer (2015)
Subject(s): Marketing
Keyword(s): Banking, finance, customer service, client centricity, private wealth management, investment banking, customer satisfaction

The financial market crisis has brought the very business models of many banks into question. What lessons should banks take from these events? What consequences will the industry have to face when dealing with clients? These questions are at the center of this book, with contributions from renowned experts and examples from theory and practice. Client commitment – the pursuit of pure customer focus – has become a success factor in many areas of the banking industry. This book sheds light on the theoretical aspects of client commitment and shows how its various facets are being put into practice.

Pages 264
ISBN 978-3-86774-453-9 (Print)


The seven styles of influencing: A workbook for managers

Berlin: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Berlin
Stefanie Rathje, Ulf Schäfer (2013)
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior
Keyword(s): Persuading, asserting, bargaining, bonding, envisioning, empowering, disengaging

Are you familiar with one of the following situations?

You have developed this great strategy for your company, your product, or your department but for some reason, it does not get heard.

You have a good team, but there are some who just do not seem to join forces and leave you out in the rain when the situation calls for action.

There is your boss, a nice guy, but somehow he seems immune to all your efforts of convincing him of this new idea that you want to implement.

Situations like this are common for managers on all levels. They make us feel powerless. They make us feel struck in the inertia of our organizations. They might make us see ourselves as victims of the circumstances we are operating in. When trapped in situations like this, we start blaming others for their incompetence or our company for its laziness or complacency.

Situations like this tell us about the influence that we have on others and their influence on us: This is what this book is all about.

Pages 86
ISBN 978-3-86573-759-5 (Print)


Führungskompetenzen lernen: Eignung, Entwicklung, Aufstieg [Leadership competencies: Diagnostics, development, career]

Stuttgart: Schäffer-Poeschel
Karin Häring, Sven Litzcke (2013)
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior
Keyword(s): Leadership, competencies, diagnostic, leadership style, young leaders, new role as leader, team leader, development, career

Insbesondere Sozialkompetenz und personale Kompetenz zeichnen erfolgreiche Führungspersönlichkeiten aus. Dieses Buch unterstützt sowohl junge als auch erfahrene Führungskräfte in der Analyse ihrer eigenen Motive, Werte, Emotionen und Persönlichkeitseigenschaften sowie deren Wirkung auf den Führungserfolg. Zielsetzung ist es, einen authentischen Führungsstil zu entwickeln und eigene Stärken zu erkennen und auszubauen. Best-Practice Beispiele und Fragen zur Selbstreflexion unterstützen den Transfer der Inhalte in den Unternehmensalltag.

Pages 410
ISBN 978-3-7910-3288-7 (Print)