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Our Mission

The growing universe of information technology continues to change us. Much of this change is for the better. These new technologies have enabled us to do many great things, to be more connected as humans, more efficient as societies, and more particular in our interests and options than ever. Yet they also disrupt and reshape us – from our daily lives to our cultures, to politics, and our economies. And many new risks emerge alongside the new opportunities to rise and to change.

Growth has to meet caution. Digital wisdom – the combination of values and strategy – should be developed. Yet all too often, thinkers, strategists or decision-makers are unable to meet evolving challenges with wisdom. The complexity of the field, an unsystematic piecemeal of one-dimensional knowledge, biased opinions, lack of data, and missing links between theory and practice are just some of the reasons. Also, values and visions are still renegotiated in this new world. In consequence, innovation and policy frequently stumble forward, being led by either paradigms of optimism, pessimism or skepticism, but rarely by reason through systematic insights, solid knowledge of dynamics and hard data.

This is our starting point.