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29. Nov - 1. Dec 2017
3 days
ESMT Berlin
3,300 €
Target audience

Managers involved in strategic decision making and implementation.

Key topics
  • Proactively assessing the competition in an industry as well as their actions and reactions
  • Thinking like a strategist and analyzing strategic options
  • Designing and formulating competitive strategies
  • Business planning for both mature business lines and new enterprises
  • Sustaining your competitive advantage
  • Managing the low-price competition
  • Capitalizing on new opportunities for product innovation
  • Convincing organizations that they need strategic transformation
Take-home value
  • sharpen strategic acumen
  • learn how to apply strategy, both to theindividual role in the company and to the entire organization
12. - 17. Oct 2017
6 days
5,000 €
Target audience

Top professionals under the age of 40 from the global health sector: clinicians, educators, policy advocates engaged with the public on critical health issues, and emerging healthcare and public health leaders from the non-profit and private sectors.

Examples for sending organizations of the Young Physicians:

  • Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare
  • Bayer AG
  • Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Medical School, University of Tampere
  • Ghana Health Service
  • Hospital de Pediatria Centro Medico, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
  • N.N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology
  • Oxford University, Nuffield Department of Population Health
  • Philips Connected Care
  • Roche
  • Siemens Healthineers
  • WHO collaborating Centre for Maternal and Child Health
Key topics
  • Understanding the organizational interdependencies leading to strategic action
  • Identifying and practicing leadership styles adapted to distinct situations in the global health sector
  • Effective decision making as a key leadership skill
  • Experiencing diversity in the global health sector
  • Cooperation and teamwork across silos
Take-home value
  • Greater awareness of leadership patterns and challenges as well as strengthening their own leadership style and understanding  cultural differences in leadership behaviors
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of organizations acting in the global health sector and how they should interact, especially the potential for  public-private partnerships
  • Active participation in design  and presentation of a dedicated workshop at the world’s most prominent forum for addressing global health issues, the World Health Summit:
  • Solid network of global contacts



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