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26. - 30. June 2017
5 Days
Schloss Gracht
4,200 €
Target audience

Participants have either taken on their first responsibilities as a business leader or are about to take this step.

Key topics
  • Leadership skills
  • Self-reflection: behavior and resulting consequences
  • Reconciling personal traits and the behavior of a business leader
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Value-based leadership; identity management
  • Teambuilding
  • Team leadership and group dynamics
  • Legal framework of personnel management
Take-home value
  • how to manage themselves and others
  • risks and opportunities of their new role
  • suitable leadership styles and how to come across as an authentic leader
  • how to build a high-performance team and control its dynamics
  • how to lead under pressure and to manage the diverse requirements of a business leader
Module 1: 10. - 13. Jul 2017; Module 2: 11. - 13. Okt 2017
Module 1: 4 days; Module 2: 3 days
Schloss Gracht
6,800 €
Target audience

Participants have at least three years of leadership experience and want to achieve above-average performance with their people and teams. They want to exchange experiences with colleagues from other companies and obtain new incentives for their behavior as a business leader.

Key topics
  • Fundamentals of leadership
  • The stages of team formation
  • Behaviors that stifle the performance of others
  • Achieving results through others
  • Group dynamics
  • Motivation and incentive design
  • Implicit and explicit rules of communication
  • Leading under pressure
  • Conflict management: de-escalation and diffusing negative emotions
  • Effectively driving and managing change
  • Ethics-oriented leadership
Take-home value
  • gain in-depth knowledge of how to lead people
  • examine individual leadership styles – their pros and cons
  • acquire the skills to build and manage teams
  • understand how to lead teams through adversity
  • develop trust in a leadership style that reflects the participant’s personality, the people with whom they work, and the targets they have to reach
Module 1: Sep 10 - 16, Module 2: Oct 8 - 14, Module 3: Nov 5 - 11
Module 1: 6 days, Module 2: 6 days, Module 3: 6 days
Schloss Gracht
Target audience

Ambitious managers who are about to assume a senior executive position or have recently accepted one. The General Management Seminar is also recommended for experienced functional leaders with cross-functional responsibilities who are on their way to becoming project, business unit, or regional leaders.

Key topics
  • Corporate finance
  • Value-based management
  • Financial accounting and financial communication
  • Strategic management
  • Adding value through mergers and acquisitions
  • Opportunities and risks in family-owned businesses
  • Innovation and technology management
  • Market-oriented leadership
  • Decision-making and negotiation skills
  • Team leadership and team development
  • Change management
  • Conflict management
  • Motivation and corporate culture
  • Work–life balance
Take-home value
  • Improving the ability to analyze and deal with key strategic questions
  • Understanding organizational dynamics
  • Evaluating a personal leadership style and the way it affects others
  • Maximizing team performance
  • Learning to lead across functions
  • Learning to de-escalate conflicts
  • Developing global intelligence
  • Learning to lead across borders
  • Addressing cost pressures
  • Evaluating the business impact of current technology and innovation dynamics
  • Understanding the financial impacts of management decisions
  • Learning to drive transformation processes and control risks
  • Gaining a network of experts and peers
21. Jun 2017
1 Day
1,100 €
Target audience

Managers who want to understand the roles of happiness, sense of purpose, and resilience in the workplace.

Key topics
  • The latest results from research on happiness – recommendations for a better life
  • Happiness at work – reflection and discussion on selected concepts and findings
  • Happiness and purpose – exploration of the link and implications between our values and plans
  • Building up resilience and stress management
Take-home value
  • Reflect on and discuss various factors of happiness
  • Evaluate fulfillment at work
  • Strengthen overall resilience
16. - 17. Nov 2017
2 days
ESMT Berlin
3,200 €
Target audience

Senior or mid-level executives who wish to focus on their individual negotiation styles and better understand the psychological make-up of the opposite side.

Key topics
  • Receiving individual feedback on negotiation strategy, behavior, and style in different scenarios
  • Using videos of negotiations to better understand options
  • Receiving feedback on conflict-resolution style; expanding the options of how to cope with conflicts in negotiations
  • Understanding how to interpret and deal with emotions while negotiating
Take-home value
  • gain a precise understanding of the prevalent behavioral patterns that may undermine positions at the negotiation table
  • explore different behavioral options and learn to practice them as you fine-tune your negotiation skills
  • a solid network of global contacts
12. - 14. Jun 2017
3 days
ESMT Berlin
3,300 €
Target audience

Executives from business development, strategy, marketing, and sales who seek to initiate or lead innovation processes, as well as manage new innovation sources and channels within their business.


Key topics
  • Corporate venturing: Transforming traditional businesses
  • Best practices: Creating platforms for internal idea generation
  • Creativity techniques, customer-centric innovation, and Design Thinking
  • Digital innovation
  • Open innovation: Resetting the boundaries of the firm
  • Incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces – experiencing new forms of innovation
  • Challenges in scaling innovations
Take-home value
  • master the fundamentals for successfully initiating and implanting innovation into the organization’s DNA
  • experiential exercises, interactive lectures, peer-coaching sessions, and a personal innovation action plan
  • toolkit and mindset to achieve new sources of revenue and competitive advantage
Target audience

Leaders in maintenance management with a technical educational background as well as initial professional experience and will support them in entering the career path.

Participants from traditional production industries – such as the automotive, chemical, steel and energy industry – or mechanical engineering and plant operating companies will benefit the most from this program.

Key topics
  • Thinking competitive advantages
  • My individual role in the value chain
  • Maintenance processes and strategies
  • Maintenance management
  • Cost transparency
  • Spare parts management
  • Maintenance controlling and benchmarking
  • Systematic vulnerability analysis
  • Well-grounded decision making
  • Successful negotiating techniques
  • Contractor management in maintenance
  • Making allies: decision and opinion makers
  • Motivating teams and ensuring efficiency
  • Managing change
Take-home value
  • identify value drivers and develop concrete approaches of how to support them
  • acquire reliable techniques of maintenance management
  • Field reports from experienced maintenance leaders
  • get acquainted with the essential economic aspects to make you more confident and successful when negotiating with management.
  • gain valuable benchmark information through discussions with your fellow participants from other companies, which will help you to optimize processes within your own field of responsibility


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