ESMT White Paper

Analyzing the relationship between regulation and investment in the telecom sector

ESMT White Paper No. WP-108-01
Subject(s): Economics, politics and business environment
Keyword(s): telecommunications, access regulation, unbundling, investment, European Union
JEL Code(s): C51, L59, L96

This study analyses the relationship between entry regulation and infrastructure investment in the telecommunication sector. The empirical analysis we conduct is based on a comprehensive data set covering 180 fixed-line and mobile operators in 25 European countries over 10 years and employs a newly created indicator measuring regulatory intensity in the European countries. We carefully treat the endogeneity problem of regulation by applying instrumental variables and find that tough entry regulation (e.g. unbundling) discourages infrastructure investment by entrants but has no effect on incumbents in fixed-line telecommunications. We do not find significant impact of entry regulation on investment in mobile telephony.

Pages 70
Publication Nr. WP-108-01
ISSN 1866–4016 (Print)