Cybersecurity in Germany

SpringerBriefs in Cybersecurity, 1st ed.,New York City, New York: Springer
Subject(s): Economics, politics and business environment, Information technology and systems
Keyword(s): Cybersecurity, cyber defense, critical infrastructure protection, digital sovereignty, data protection, policy, strategy, regulation
JEL Code(s): K24, N44, O25, O38

With the digitization of nearly all aspects of life, our societies increasingly depend on the resilience and security of computing and communication technologies. Hence, the protection of information technology (IT) against unauthorized access, attack, and accidental failure, has become a priority for nation-states around the world. Throughout the past one or two decades, most countries have adopted strategies, policies, and practical steps to protect the security of IT and critical infrastructures within their territory, and, by extension, their citizens. These practices are generally subsumed under the umbrella of cybersecurity. The book provides an analysis of the evolution of cybersecurity policy in Germany over the past two and a half decades. It highlights development lines as well as upcoming strategic challenges of the German cybersecurity policy.

Edition 1
Pages 76
ISBN 978-3-319-90014-8 (Online) 978-3-319-90013-1 (Print)