Journal Article

Focusing on teams in crisis management education: An integration and simulation-based approach

Academy of Management Learning and Education 13 (2): 208–221
Mary Waller, Zhike Lei, Robert Pratten (2014)
Subject(s): Human resources management/organizational behavior
Keyword(s): error management, teams

Crisis management teams occupy central roles in many normative models of crisis management; however, management education generally address neither the nature of such teams nor the capabilities necessary for these teams to be effective. To help address this situation, in this paper we integrate information from phase-based crisis management models with team dynamics theories, and suggest which team capabilities play key roles for crisis management teams as they face emergent crises. Using this integration, we then explore simulation-based training as a means to teach and assess crisis management team capabilities. We describe the design, development and implementation of a simulation for crisis teams, and discuss future applications of simulation-based training for crisis management education.

With permission of the Academy of Management

Volume 13
Issue 2
Pages 208–221