Journal Article

IT-Sicherheitsrecht – Abwehr von IT-Angriffen, Haftung und Ausblick [IT security law: Cyber sefense, liability, and perspectives]

Computer und Recht
Subject(s): Information technology and systems, Technology, R&D management
Keyword(s): Cybersecurity, information security, national security, legislation

This article describes the newly enacted or rewritten regulations for the defense against IT attacks as part of IT security law: first the relevant criminal offenses, then the powers of the police and intelligence services, then of the IT security authorities and Internet providers. At the end, the political statements for the 19th parliamentary term will be compared with the remaining need for action in IT security law. Furthermore, the future of IT security law will be discussed in the context of implementation, ongoing development and consolidation.

ISSN 2194-4172 (Online)